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  Market dates for 2013 


AGM 2013


Committee members must be from the Helderberg area for obvious reasons and monthly committee meetings are held on a weekday either morning or afternoon. Any nominee proposed must complete an Acceptance Form as well as the Proposer and Seconder. This form must be returned to P.O. Box 2168, Somerset West 7129 before 28 th May 2011.


Please make every effort to attend as it is every member's duty to attend this one meeting in a year. Refreshments will be served. See you there.

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting will be held at the Lion's Hall, New Street, Somerset West (the same venue as last year) at 1.30pm for 2.00pm (14h00) on Saturday 8th June.

lt is of great importance and in your own interest to attend this meeting. Only paid-up, permanent members will be allowed to vote but all members are welcome to attend.

According to the constitution of the Country Craft Market, ět is the turn of Gill Oliver (Chairman) to stand down. Gill is available for re-election. Committee members must be from the Helderberg area and must be available to attend meetings and perform market duties during office hours as well as after hours when necessary.

A Nomination Form is supplied at the Market and is also available at the Info stall. On the reverse of the Nomination Form is a form to list any points you wish to be placed on the Agenda. This form should be handed to the Committee by 25 May 2013, faxed to 086 509 3758 or returned by mail to P O Box 2168, Somerset West, 7129 before that date.

Note that it is essential that you then attend the meeting yourself to raise this point. All members are requested to make every effort to attend this one meeting a year as this is your chance to air your views and constructive criticism is welcome.

Refreshments will be served. See you there!


Chairman's Report 2013
to be tabled at the AGM on Sat 8 June 14h00

MAY 2013

There's a rare and special quality in the way some people live
However busy they be, they still have time to give.
Anything you ask or need, they'll do their very best,
No matter what the task is, or how simple the request.
Kindness just comes naturally to this rare and selfless few,
Special, giving people --------people just like all of you!

The above is dedicated to all the following people. People who are vitally important to the successful running of the Country Craft Market.
1.   Lesley Wonfor and Ronel Visser. My staunch and loyal committee who back me and encourage me.
2.   Louise McNish, Wendy Coetzee, Bob Heyns, Rosemary Algie, Kay Firkins and Jenny Jewell. The area managers who go beyond their call of duty and who are always ready to step in and lend a helping hand.
3.   William Matroos and his band of helpers. Nothing is too much trouble for them. Always there when you need them and so willing to help. William and Zinthle also erect our posters.
4.   Zinthle, Sive and Lwandile, our collectors.
5.   Stan Holroyd. For a website well done and greatly admired by many people.
6.   Chris Stevens. Our accountant who keeps us on the straight and narrow.
7.   Henry Laubscher, Jan Bentley and the rest of the Southey's Vines Committee. For their support and keeping the grounds in the best condition possible as far as their budget will allow.
8.   Mervyn and his wife. Our loyal car guard. He has, to date, not missed a single market.
9.   Lesley Wonfor, Ronel Visser, Salome Combrinck, Joan Fourie, Gerda Tandler, Lizzem De Villiers and Louise McNish. The selection committee for Approval Day. This is a long day for the eight of us starting at 5:15am and going on until 6 or 7pm.
10. To all the members of the Country Craft Market, especially to those who spread the word about Approval Day.

We have had our share of rain over the past season. One market in September and another one at the end of November and then again in February. In between though, we have had some glorious weather with the exception of one very windswept market. Let's hope that the sunny weather will prevail until the end of May.

Our finances are in good shape at the moment although we still have several crafters who are behind with their stall fees and subscriptions. Please make every effort to pay these as our financial year is drawing to a close.

Over the past few markets we have had very positive feedback from crafters as well as from members of the public. They have commented on our website, the quality of the products on display and the happy, friendly atmosphere of the market. There are a few crafters, however, who have been unhappy about their sales and I can only suggest that maybe they need to take stock and look at their stalls from the public's point of view. Change is good (as I discovered). It helps to be friendly towards your customers instead of sitting laid back in a chair and reading or chatting continuously to ones' neighbour.

OF all the crafters who have suffered ill health this past season. We hope that you are all well on the way to a full recovery. Special mention must be made here of Pam Goslett, Denny De Villiers, Rosemary Algie and Bob Heyns. I think they have all been trying to make a new fashion statement this season! Bob - a broken left arm, Pam - a broken right arm, Denny - a broken right arm and Rosemary a smashed left shoulder. Someone should start making colourful slings! I am pleased to say that Pam and Bob are now fully recovered and that Denny and Rosemary are well on the way to full recovery.

Our deepest sympathy to Ann Knight and her family on the loss of her husband Nick. Ann left the market last October due to his ill health and sadly he passed away a few weeks ago. Ann Dreyer also lost her husband as did Sharon Phuti. Our thoughts are with you all in this trying time.

The last market on 27 April was a real treat for many crafters. A few casuals became permanent members and several crafters had big sales. This was due to the fact that David Human, an American who is opening an ethnic shop in Colorado, visited the market and placed big orders with many crafters. He was so impressed with what he saw that he said he could spend at least three days just wandering around. He was thrilled to hear about our Approval Day Market and visited us then as well.

We are pleased to say that this year we are way up on the number of new applicants. The day broke with beautiful sunshine and not a breath of wind. Crafters arrived early and we also had seven more applicants on the day. There were some really great products. This year we also experimented by inviting our regulars to come along at reduced stall fees. We had about sixty and it proved to be a great success. Crafters had to change their positions as the regulars were placed from the information table up to the back gate and what a difference it made. If you are considering moving, now is the time to do it because we are renumbering the stalls so that they run in logical order. Speak to one of us at Info on the 25 May.

This is a very important meeting for all our crafters, whether you are permanent or casual. Only paid up permanents have voting rights but anyone can have their say.

1:30 for 2pm.
See you there.

Happy Crafting



PRESENT: A quorum was present - refer to attendance book.
PROPOSAL: Amendment to the Constitution of the Country Craft Market to reduce the number of committee members from four to three following the resignation of the serving Secretary.

Gill Oliver explained that with Denny de Villiers' resignation from the committee, it is considered to be the right time to reduce the number of committee members. The advancement of computers and shrinking of crafter numbers has added weight to this suggestion.

Stan Holroyd asked if this will mean changing the constitution, and Gill confirmed that this was checked with our attorneys and a simple amendment can be made.

Nils Groeneveld enquired whether the remaining 3 members will be able to accomplish everything that was done before and this was confirmed by Gill.

Hilton Howard asked what the advantages are and Gill replied that it means a saving in the allowances paid to the committee which would lead to a longer period before an increase in stall fees will be necessary.

A vote was taken and all but two of the members present voted in favour of the amendment.

Denny was asked to recuse herself and Gill proposed that Honorary Life Membership be awarded to her in light of her loyal service on the Country Craft Market committee for twenty two years. This means that she would have free membership and stall fees for life. This was unanimously agreed and Denny was presented with a certificate.

The special meeting was closed and the AGM commenced.



1. WELCOME: The chairman, Gill Oliver, thanked everyone present for coming and remarked that it was great to see some new faces at the meeting. Gill opened on a light note explaining exactly why ladies prefer to visit the restroom in pairs and take so long.

2. PRESENT: As per attendance book.

3. APOLOGIES: Beulah & Wim Korpel, Marlene Bailey, Sam Grasshoff, Lisa White, Santa Petersen, Gail Miller, Kathie Dillon, Ann Sinclair, Akker & Miems Eykelenboom, Beauty Gubuza, Wanda Salt, Lizzem de Villiers, John Davis, Jane Ross, Margaretha White, Meg Stevens, Ashlynn Singh, Mike & Bev Mulder, Hayley Gibley, Elvina Orso, Liesl Forrest, Linda Harker, Janie Siebert, Ille de Rijk, Jessie Redelinghuys, Lars Kessel, Gunnie le Roux, Margi Annandale, Patsy Ince, Heimo Spreng, Angelique Haupt, Pierre Roode, Ann Coetzee, Martha Mostert, Berri Els, Karl Eriksen, Paul & Wanda Stevenson, Davina Doyle, Bill White, Theo Ntuntwana, Diana & Fred Diehl, Margie Hultzer-Edwards, Norma van Oortmerssen, Fred & Rosemary Mostert, Jenny Lund, Ann Knight, Janette Anderson, Noel & Julie Morgan.

4. CLOSING OF AGENDA: There were no additions to the agenda from the floor and the committee added the proposed dates (item 14).

5. CONFIRMATION OF MINUTES: Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting had been e-mailed or sent by post to all members. Nils Groeneveld proposed that these be taken as read, seconded by Jenny Jewell.


7. CHAIRMAN'S REPORT: Gill Oliver. The report had either been handed out, e-mailed or sent by post to all members (including the new casuals taken on in May). Kay Firkins proposed that this be taken as read, seconded by Lesley Wonfor.

8. FINANCIAL REPORT: Ronel Visser, Treasurer. Referring to the financial statements prepared & distributed to those present by our accountant, Chris Stevens, Ronel reported an increase in income this year and containment of expenses resulting in a surplus of R8735 which will be carried forward. The reserves in the bank remain healthy and, barring higher than expected increases in e.g. ground fees, no increase in table fees is foreseen in the immediate future.

9. PUBLIC RELATIONS AND ADVERTISING: Lesley Wonfor, P.R.O. An Argus columnist, David Biggs recently wrote about the absence of locally produced handcrafts after a visit to the Hermanus market. Lesley wrote to him, explaining that crafting is alive and well at our market and an invitation will be sent to him at the start of the new season in the hope that he will write a follow-up article. Each market is still advertised in the Argus and District Mail and occasional adverts are placed in Die Burger and Bolander. Lesley and Stan both send information to the District Mail in the hope that they would again start publishing an editorial about us as they did in the past. Jeanne Bestbier-Bloch offered her help in this regard as the newly appointed District Mail editor is a friend.

The District Mail has a new section on their website for non-profit organisations and groups and we will be posting market photo's there.

Pam Stallebrass suggested that all crafters with blogs, should link these to the Country Craft Market website.

Anni Theron explained that KFM has a 'Live' section for 30-second interviews for special events. This will be tried in addition to us listing our dates, as always, on both KFM and Cape Talk Radio's 'Events' sections.

Lesley commented that the very best advertising is by word of mouth and requested that all crafters take every opportunity to tell people about the Country Craft Market and to advertise the website.

10. PAYMENT FOR NON ATTENDANCE OF MARKETS:Anni Theron. Representing the members of the Durbanville (1st Sat of the month) and Rondebosch (2nd Sat) markets, Anni requested that crafters attending those markets on conflicting dates, be given leave or a reduction in the stall fees that permanent members have to pay when excusing themselves.

Gill stated that crafters are given the choice to become permanent members and that this rule is specifically explained at that time. The Country Craft Market also does not terminate the membership of crafters who choose to attend other markets.

Hilton Howard said that this would not be fair on the casuals who would love to become permanent members.

Ronel added that it is a misconception that, just because there was someone in your position, we are 'charging double' for that stall. In fact casuals are moved out of areas like Country Heritage to fill obvious gaps when permanent members excuse themselves.

After a vote, this proposal was rejected.

11. LEAVING BEFORE MARKET FINISHES: Gill Oliver. The problem continues - often in the gazebo circle - of cars moving before 13h15. Rick Coetzee closes the front entrance and a sign is put up prohibiting cars between 08h00 and 13h15. Gill asked that details of these incidents be reported to the committee as soon as possible.

12. SMOKING AT MARKET: Lesley Wonfor. Draft legislation has been published prohibiting smoking within 10m of other people in all public places. This would mean that smoking will be banned at the market. Attie Mussmann suggested no-smoking signs and Anni Theron confirmed that signs are required at the entrances stating that you are entering a non-smoking area to ensure that the market will not be liable if anybody on the premises breaks this law.

Angus McNish asked what crafters should do if a member of the public smokes and it was suggested that they politely be told about the new law.

13. EXISTING CRAFTERS SECTION AT APPROVAL DAY: Gill Oliver. Numerous requests have come from existing members for permission to trade at Approval Days and Gill proposed that the back section of the market be run on a first-come, first-served basis by one of our area managers. Kay Firkins volunteered to run this and stated that bookings will have to be made. Reduced fees will be probably be applicable and will be used to advertise Approval Day more widely. There were no objections and the committee and Kay will work out the details. Mervyn Cole (Rotary, Helderberg) and Markus Kaps (Scouts) both indicated that their organisations may be interested in running their food stalls if enough people could be drawn to Approval Day.


January 26th September 28th
February 9th & 23rd October 12th & 26th
March 21st (Thurs.) & March 30th November 16th & 30th
April 13th & 27th December 7th, 14th ,16th (Mon.) & 21st
Wed. May 1st (Approval Day for newcomers)
May 25th
Pam Stallebrass felt that 16th December was a problem as it is so close to Saturday the 14th but after a vote all the above dates were accepted.
Stan Holroyd was nominated as Secretary but as this position no longer exists, the nomination became null and void. Gill thanked Stan for his willingness to serve on the committee and to help wherever he can.
16.1 Jeanne Bestbier-Bloch: Not all visitors are aware of the parking area behind the market. A directional sign will be erected at the Main Road / Dummer Street intersection on market days.
16.2 Kay Firkins: A number of people ignore the no parking rule at Tourism Information and bowling. We need to remain on friendly terms with our neighbours so please respect their space.
16.3 Hilette Stapelberg: Visitors comment that the market does not change enough and Hilette suggested that all crafters take a look at their products and refresh their displays. Mervyn Cole remarked that everyone must remember that there are now many other markets to compete with. Gill stated that it would be lovely if the whole layout of the market could change. She felt that few permanent crafters would be willing to move but invited anyone wanting a change to contact her.
16.4 Alida Kruse suggested an attraction for children such as a jumping castle. Gill agreed and stated that the pony rides were a great attraction but fell away. Anni Theron suggested that possibly Scouts could run something like a jumping castle or give demonstrations in the skills they are taught. Markus Kaps welcomed the ideas and said that they were looking at ways to improve what they offer at the market.
16.5 Ronel mentioned suggestions heard that the food stalls look at healthier options and to keep in mind that a large portion of our visitors between November and April, are from Europe and it may be to the food stalls' advantage to cater more for their tastes.
16.6 It was also suggested that music be brought to the market more regularly as the marimba band was such a success. The committee will look into this but it is a delicate balance as it can affect nearby stalls.

17. CONCLUSION: Gill invited everyone for drinks and eats and thanked them again for their attendance. She also thanked her committee for their loyal support and hard work and presented them each with a gift. There was also a gift for our accountant, Chris Stevens. Lesley, Ronel and Denny reciprocated with a gift for Gill.
The meeting closed at 15h00.

And always the Main Attraction - well, we hope not but if it works ...



The market area of The Country Craft Market is divided into 7 (seven) Areas.

The following Area Managers are in charge of specific Areas:

LOUISE McNISH Stall No. 184 Stalls 1 - 29 EXIT 1 Cell No. 082 378 6588 (assisted by Angus McNish)

RONEL VISSER Stall No. 30 Stalls 30 - 58 EXIT 2 Cell No. 083 728 5171(assisted by Rick Coetzee)

BOB HEYNS Stall No. 62 Stalls 59 - 79 AND 145 - 151 EXIT 4 Cell No. 079 747 8149 (assisted by Pieter de Wet)

BEV ONYETT Stall No. 94 Stalls 80 - 98 AND 164 - 154 EXIT 3 Cell No. 083 712 8416 (assisted by Nici Harris)

LINDA ESTERHUIZEN Stall No. 101 Stalls 99 - 128 EXIT 3 Cell No. 083 380 2906 (assisted by Anton Roux)

KAY FIRKINS Stall No. 153 Stalls 129 - 144 AND 152 & 153 AND 165 - 172 EXIT 4 Cell No. 083 655 9406 (assisted by Gail Miller)

JENNY JEWELL Stall No. 200 Stalls 173 - 204 EXIT 1 Cell No. 083 530 4539 (assisted by George Jewell)


Gill Oliver Cell No. 021 8526608

Lesley Wonfor Cell No. 083 5909197

Denny de Villiers Cell No. 072 2234937

All Committee Member to have cell numbers of Area Managers on their phones.


2 Fire Extinguishers available at following points

Yellow Pole next to Info

Stall 104

Stall 135

All Food Stalls have their own Fire Extinguishers.



Exit 1 and 4 to Rose Garden if safe to do so

Exit 3 to Back Parking area if safe to do so

Exit 2 to Manuka Parking if safe to do so

All Public in specific areas to be herded to points.

Committee Members to remain behind until everyone is evacuated if safe to do so.



Important for all crafters

To all permanent members

who should all be on the website (otherwise contact the webmaster)


Remember each crafter has a unique page URL that leads directly to your page

You can see it in the address window of you browser but it looks like this

where xxx is your stall number with leading zeros

stall 98 will be stall098

stall 125 will be stall125

If you have your own website, please consider adding links onto your website to

and your own page URL

Also use these URLs in your advertising and on your business cards


To casual members who have chosen to be on the website

(if you are not included, contact the Committee for more information)


The unique page URL that leads directly to your page is:

where xxx is a sequence number that you can see in the address window of you browser

otherwise request this number from the webmaster


A Joint Responsibility

Getting people to visit a website and the Market itself, is a most important task.

This benefits all of us and leads to more feet walking through the market.

So if we each crafter attract new viewers and visitors, we all benefit from each others efforts.

The modern worlds feed on information and websites are a particularly useful tool in this regard. When each crafter does her or his part to encourage traffic to our website and the Market, we become a powerful attraction to the benefit of all our crafters and also our visitors.




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