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AGM - for all Country Craft Market Members

June 2015 at 14h00 (2 pm)

Lion's Hall, New Street, Somerset West (usual venue)

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the web page address is available to all members from the    webmaster 

Never to be forgotten. Remember we all are the Country Craft Market. And we each have a say in its running. So the AGM is each member's opportunity to say his or her piece (or forever - well at least for another year - hold his or her peace). If you were not there this year, you will miss your chance to influence the next year.

A positive, co-operative approach makes the Market work better
* for us all *

Your opinions are important, so they should be shared with all members at the AGMs where there is a better chance that they can be resolved.


  Photos - Approval Day 1 May 2018 

Remembering our 25 Year Celebrations

25th Year Bumper Market Day

The Story of the Country Craft Market

Andrew Dombuleni was one of the artists commissioned to interpret "My Cape Town". This required Andrew to work on his creation in public at the Waterfront. His work, entitled "Argus Fever", is a life sized cyclist on a bicycle that took him 6 weeks to complete. An added bonus was the sale of his work on auction. There will be a copy of the Argus featuring a photograph of his work at the info table at the next markets

andrew world cup

One of Andrew's other creations ... andrew

Past Approval Days

  Photos - Approval Day 1 May 201

  Photos - Approval Day 1 May 201

  Photos - Approval Day 2 May 2016 

  Photos - Approval Day 1 May 2015 

  Photos - Approval Day 1 May 2014 

  Photos - Approval Day 1 May 2013 

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  Photos - Approval Day 2 May 2011 

  Photos - Approval Day 1 May 2010 

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  All about Approval Days 

and the Appointment of New Crafters


In order to select new crafters for the The Country Craft Market, an Approval Day Market is held each year. This is the day on which those wishing to become part of the Country Craft Market get an opportunity to present their craft in a full market environment open to the public. Because the Approval Day is run exactly as the usual County Craft Market days, new crafters are given the opportunity to demonstrate their craftwork, their displaying skills, and the way they interact with the public.

Hobby-X - we were there again

The Country Craft  Market Stall at Hobby-X 2007

  View the Hobby-X 2007 Photo Pages 

  View the Hobby-X 2006 Photo Pages

New Craft Items

New items this season

Winter is a time for scratching out new crafty ideas

See what the crafters have been cooking up

  New Craft Items 

Crafty News

Handmade glass beads have become quite the fashion item. Their special character of being unique, irregular and fashioned individually by the imagination and skill of the crafter, make them sought after.

A number of handmade bead items and also handmade beads themselves are now available from a few crafters.

Check out the list of beadwork crafters.



In acknowledgement of long-standing support,

the Country Craft Market decided last year, to make awards to crafters

who have been members since before 1991.

Watch out for these awards that are displayed on at their craft stalls.

Present Long-Standing Members

Alma Schwabe - Woodenrag / Houtenlap - Stall 22 

Gerda Tandler - Solo Bags - Stall 188 

Gill Oliver - The Fairy Grotto - Stall 79 

Lesley Wonfor - Christmas Products - Stall 77 

Pam Stallebrass - Pacha Mama - Stall 27 


Long-Standing Members no longer trading

Elzabe de Wet - Flower Craft 

John Simon - M & J Crafts 

Felicity Neaves - Handcrafted Pewter 

Susan Albertyn - Fashion Jewellery 

Jenny Hart - Barbie Doll Clothes 

Joyce Robertson - Simon and Friends! 

Bob Heyns - Walking Sticks - Stall 62 

Denny de Villiers - Den's Dafties - Stall 26 

Ilse Gerlach - Seaweed Art - Casual stall000 






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