Scenes from The Country Craft Market

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Candid market pictures - Part 1


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Firstly, getting ready for the big event

world cup

Andrew Dombuleni shows his proposal for ...

The new 2010 World Cup Trophy

Andrew Dombuleni was one of the artists commissioned to interpret " My Cape Town". This required Andrew to work on his creation in public at the Waterfront. His work, entitled "Argus Fever", is a life sized cyclist on a bicycle that took him 6 weeks to complete. An added bonus was the sale of his work on auction. There will be a copy of the Argus featuring a photograph of his work at the info table at the next markets




"Mmm, she will look really good in one of our jerseys"

Kai, a never to be forgotten face at our market




The Country Craft Market is improving on crowd control

after the surge of people waiting for opening time

at the last market


and then newly repaired ...



Who says lightning does not strike twice in the same place?




Our very own Birdman of the Rock

Ronaldino, artificer of birds from rock




and we too have a (slightly more modest) Venus de Milo




Sighted on the lawns of Southey's Vines

The rare Testudo Esterhuizeius Spp. Mosaicus

From the colour combination, it seems they will be less rare shortly




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