Mama Lumka

Mama Lumka is not someone that everyone knows. Most do not even know anything of her and the amazing work she is doing. While we all have a social responsibility and many do what we can to help, some go well beyond that extra mile and driven by enormous love and compassion, spread their wings to provide shelter for those they see who are in desperate need of an outstretched hand of help, or for a voice to speak for them to make their plight known.

From a humble start, providing a crèche for children under the age of 6 years in her two-roomed home in Nomzamo township, Mama Lumka became aware of two disabled girls who were being abused in the worst possible way by friends of their mother. She took it upon herself to alert Social Services. The girls were rescued and have subsequently been adopted by Mama Lumka. Unfortunately the awful experiences of these two girls left them HIV positive, one more complication to add to their collection of physical and mental scars.


Mama Lumka was spurred on to greater efforts so as to save more children from the hardships that no child should even have to face. Soon she had 16 children in her care - all abused, abandoned, neglected, HIV positive or orphaned. She was providing them all with a true home filled with love and caring.


But Mama Lumka is one of those silent heroes that we so seldom see in the limelight. Yet through her charitable actions she attracted the interest of a group of business people in the area, who wanted to support her efforts, and allow her to extend her ability to care for children in dire need. The Nceduluntu Sanctuary Trust was established and with a newly acquired piece of land of some 5000 m2, a sanctuary was started that has been named, Ikhayalethemba Village by the local community. Ikhayalethemba means Home of Hope and with the energy, love and drive of Mama Lumka behind this venture, it is living up to its name.

Still, there remains much to be done. More houses need to be built, more facilities acquired, and more caregivers must be trained to provide all the needs of the children so that they too can enjoy the benefits of a loving home, good education and quality health-care that many of them need so desperately.


The Country Craft Market is a non-profit organisation and recovers its costs from fees paid by its members. Careful management of funds means that it usually has an annual surplus that is then directed at worthy charitable organisations in the area. When seeking a beneficiary, the record of Mama Lumka spoke for itself and the committee chose her as the recipient of our donation for this year. It is a humble tribute to great work being done by a brave and compassionate person. The Country Craft Market hopes its donation will not just help Mama Lumka with her work, but will also encourage others to put their support behind Mama Lumka's dream.


Since Mama Lumka was unable to be present to receive the donation, needing to deal with a registration of a child at the magistrate's court, Chris Willmot from the Nceduluntu Sanctuary Trust accepted the donation on her behalf.

Chris Willmot from the Nceduluntu Sanctuary Trust,

received the donation from the Country Craft Market

to support the work of Mama Lumka's Ikhayalethemba Village


Committee member, Denny de Villiers (left) and Chairperson, Gill Oliver (right),

chat with Chris Willmot about the work of the Nceduluntu Sanctuary Trust.


Mama Lumka contact info

Phone:     021 8513589

Fax:          021 8513589






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