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Sicelo Goodman Nongauza

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Flowers from Recycled Cans

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I am from a little remote village called Tsomo in the Eastern Cape. Like so many others in that area, I came to Cape Town hoping to find work. Perhaps it was good fortune and not bad luck that I did not manage to find any, as it made me decide to start my own small business to look after myself and my family.




Thankfully, my brother, Golden Nongauza, is very good with crafts and is able to use his hands for many things. I decided to go to him to get training in craftwork and after a while, I was able to start working on my own.


My first problem was to decide what products I should make and in looking for the kind of craftwork I wanted to do, I saw all the colourful tins that get thrown away in Cape Town. That looked like a good place to get my raw materials. I was sure that all tins of any kind could be recycled for the main things that I thought I would make, colouful tin-can flowers.


That was how I started S G Can Flower, my very own small business.





The Western Cape is full of natural flowers that give me inspiration for additional flowers that I keep adding to my collection. My favourites are sunflowers, daisies, and roses. My flowers are on long stems and therefore they can be displayed in vases just like real flowers - and they will last for ever. I also use the flowers on fridge magnets and broaches.


Another item I make is an interesting pen-flower or perhaps, a flower-pen.


Thanks to these flowers and the markets where I sell them, I am able to work for myself and look after my family. At the same time, I am turning some of the waste of Cape Town into things of beauty. When I see waste cans I do not see rubbish.  I see the flowers that need to be made from them.








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