Janet Meyer

Stall 35


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Our family is involved with the growing of fruit of various kinds. Each season bring new joys and new challenges in the orchards and fields but when the picking time comes, seeing the beautiful and tasty results make it all worth while.

Our plot in James Town between Somerset West and Stellenbosch, produces excellent quality produce that we sell at the Country Craft Market as either fresh fruit, tasty fruit salads or processed fruits products like jams.

At the Market, you can enjoy our fruit salads or take them home. Freshness is built in and fruit picked when ripe is always more enjoyable than that which ripens in cold storage.

On our table you will find the fruits of the season. Strawberries are always popular and in demand.

We also have peaches, grapes and other deciduous fruits of a number of varieties, that all appear at their specific times.




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