Hat Day 16 December, 2009 - Part 5

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Godfrey and Andrew

Every hat day is a day for lovely brothers

or is that every day is a hat day for brotherly love?



Is Paul Potty?

He ordered the Paul McC wig but got the Bob M by mistake


feather in your cap

Champion of "The feather in your own cap" competition

anyone notice the naked guinea fowls running around at the market?



"Dames en here, did ons groot lekkerkry gee om

oop te veklaar hierdie hondeskou"

Anyone out there remember Next stop Maccauvlei on Springbok Radio?


Kathy Dillon

Just brim full of goodies

The hat with everything (that you do not need)


unofficial entrant

in the avant-garde and off-guard section


Part 6



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