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Easter 2010


Gabrielle, a recent visitor to the Country Craft Market,
is hopping, er, hoping for an Easter Bunny surprise.
 But just so as to help matters along, she brought her Easter Bunny
 along with her to the market so she could point out to him exactly where all the good stuff is.



An Easter Market for all the Senses


The Country Craft Market will be holding its Easter Market on 3 April 2010. Meanwhile crafters have been preparing a few surprises to make a visit to the market even more special than usual.


The Easter Bunny will be alive and well in quite a few crafters' stalls. He has been extremely busy assisting with the production of Easter-egg surprises in many forms, to please all the senses.


The enduring symbology of the egg continues to survive as it is applied to new innovations, while records of its use are unearthed in more and more ancient societies. But of course at this time of year, its relevance as a symbol of Easter is particularly obvious as shops fill their shelves with Easter eggs of all sizes and colours. Yet these Easter eggs with their bright wrappings and decorated exteriors will soon be consumed and become only sweet memories.




In contrast, crafter Rosemary Algie's beautifully fashioned decorative eggs are made to be a feast for the eyes that will last for years and years. There is a fundamental difference between Rosemary's decorated eggs and the other decorative eggs usually encountered at Easter. The secret lies inside the egg.


Rosemary Algie examining the fruits

of her Egg-Tree that bears

her elegant decorated eggs


Rosemary prepares the egg with a cutaway section, like an oval window, that gives a view into a little world that she creates as a scene or design, using the inside of the shell as a concave skyline. These elegant eggs evolved after many years of experimentation with the processes and techniques that Rosemary uses in their production.




In a more traditional vein, Denny de Villiers will again be producing her popular decorated Easter eggs.



 These elegantly hand-decorated eggs will certainly be snapped up by those seeking less commercial Easter fare. Always exploring new thoughts and themes, Denny can be expected to again produce an excellent range that will be contributing significantly to the joy of Easter for all those who receive them.







Lesley Wonfor has taken a different approach to her Easter egg theme.


While her Easter eggs also fall into the luxury category, they are not aimed at pleasing the palate or the eye, but the senses of feeling and smell. Her eggs turn bathtime into a sensual experience - soaps and related toiletries that offer a full smörgasbord of fragrant and frothy delights.




Karen Platte on the other hand produces the cutest felt fibre bunnies and other natural felt articles that make fine and colourful Easter egg accompaniment that will last well beyond the taste of chocolate has faded.


Less soft to the touch but most exciting to the eye, Claudia Christinger's expressive and original ceramic-ware filled with the Easter eggs from the other crafters, will make an Easter gift that will carry its Easter message like no other gift can.


Casting a special light on the day's activities, Tina Saadoja will be demonstrating her candle making craft. Having come from Estonia, she brings a new dimension to candle craft. She will be sharing some of her ideas on form, design and colour, that make her candles so unique. And of course she will be demonstrating some of the techniques and traditions that turn ideas into candlelight reality. Her candle collection will certainly contain something to suit any Easter table arrangement.

Visitors to the Country Craft Market's Easter market will be certain to find many interesting and suitable Easter and Easter egg ideas.

With their approval market scheduled for 1 May, crafters hoping to gain access to the Country Craft Market have but one month to apply for one of the few remaining places at this market. Full details are at

or call at the Information stall at the market.





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