Before Dawn

A peek behind the scenes

When the first visitors arrive at the Country Craft Market, they are greeted with a grand spectacle of colourful and interesting stalls, all packed with crafts of every kinds to tickle the likes of anyone and everyone interested in fine arts and crafts.

But hidden behind the happy and welcoming atmosphere lies a great deal of effort that coaxed this impressive display from the naked soil and grass that was all that there was, but two short hours before.

And this is especially true of the last market of each season, that is always spiced with the leading edge of the winter's chill, and demands special dedication from crafters who work in the dim light to raise this place of wonder.

With the pre-dawn dew glistening on the lawns, and dripping from the near-leafless trees making icy cold little splashes on shivering faces, there seems little joy to be had grabbing hold of the freezing metal parts of gazebos and other market structures, and assembling pieces of this and that to make shelves and whatnots, to house the many wares to be displayed.

before dawn

Yet the indomitable spirits of marketers (and at least one cup of warming coffee) come to the fore and like a colony of busy ants, they move hither and yon, back and forth, carrying and erecting, fitting and hammering, lifting and unwrapping, even when the reluctant sun lingers below the horizon, making visibility less than suitable for intricate work.

And all too soon the miracle of many hands begins to emerge ......

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Last Updated 15 October 2016 18:09