Early Morning at the Country Craft Market

A Minor Miracle

part 1


With the lights of the Southey's Vines grounds,

still doing their best to blaze through the darkness ...

lighting the way

for crafters that arrive in quick succession, from near and far

and begin the task of unpacking - one more time.


And small boots of small cars, deliver mountains of wares,

that baffle those who wonder where it all came from.

Clearly they have never shared this joy of real marketing.

With the skyline barely visible, and cold, wet grass underfoot,

a new market day is begun, albeit with an initial hesitation,

and more than a few glances at the sky, to seek any signs

of the spoilsport clouds that do what they can, and whenever they can,

to dampen the ardour - and all things that are left open to their view

by careless, hopeful, or unsuspecting crafters.

But this day, this Today,

Lady Nature feels kind, and starlit skies make a promise,

of a fine-weather day, sunny and warm, windless and calm.

And with sighs of relief, crafters emerge from their warm car-cocoons,

and set too - with enthusiasm ...

Meanwhile the first hints of dawn, reveal the blue of the sky,

as the sun seals the promise of a good day.

But still the crafters arrive, filling each space with all things imaginable,

and a few never yet imagined.

All too soon there is nary a space to move,

and patience is tested, as some wait while others struggle to unpack,

as quickly as they can.


Yet always a happy face is there, somewhere, to aid and assist,

and each is guided safe and sound, to his or her place in this giant

jigsaw puzzle.

With silhouettes of gazebos emerging from the gloom,

and bent backs bearing witness to the labour that will see

this area transformed, into a complex of complexity,

a multifaceted facility - with many, many faces.


Part 2



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