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Demonstration on Saturday, 25 May, 2013
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Fashionable Beads by Rachel Munondo





Rachel Munondo joined the world of crafters from the now very familiar route, being one of the many enterprising people who by choice or necessity, follow the road of self employed to provide for their families.




Rachel is a Zulu, born in Mpumalanga and draws from her powerful and proud tribal traditions of handwork and of course bead work. About twelve years ago, she began doing beadwork as a source of income.










Then her enterprising nature led her to Cape Town where she formed the Masibabane Club, a grouping of like-minded people, willing to create their own opportunities in the crafting world, and work towards improving their positions in society.





At the Country Craft Market of 25 May, 2013, Rachel will be demonstrating the techniques employed in the production of her fashionable bead accessories. This is also the last Country Craft Market for the season, so do not miss it, or Rachel's demonstration.


























































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