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Demonstration on Saturday, 9 February, 2013
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Tinsmithing by Paul Moyo





Paul Moyo, our resident tinsmith, is one of those productive people who seems to never stop working. His hands produce countless galvanised iron-ware items, embellished in a variety of ways, to supply a need for the old-world decor style that is so popular.



And indeed Paul learned his trade in the old-world way, in rural settings, working with his father and slowly acquiring the skills that have defined his life's path as a tinsmith. The quality of his work speaks for itself and the variety in his range addresses all requirements from being total usable, to being total decorative.



Over the years at the Country Craft Market, his son Gabriel, has supported his father, providing assistance with packing and unpacking, later with sales and customer care, and eventually with the production of Paul's tinware. But Paul insists that Gabriel, now 18, must remain focused on his studies to ensure he gets a sound educational foundation, before he considers his career choices. Nevertheless, those at, and those who visit the Country Craft Market, are used to seeing Gabriel in another role, that of a drummer, quietly honing his drumming skills on the fine collection of pseudo-drumming equipment that surrounds him.



On Saturday, 27 April, Paul will be demonstrating the skills of his craft, that is not for the fainthearted. The deceiving simplicity of these items belie the high degree of skill required to turn sheets of flat galvanised iron, into curved, rectangular and even asymmetrical items, each with their own degree of manufacturing complexity. Come see Paul at work and view his collection of wares for use in the home, garden and actually, anywhere.







Against a naturally rustic background, this plant holder displays its own rustic appearance that adds to its appeal.














Paul's practical wares, like these dust pans, offer utility and longevity.















Paul's ever-popular tall buckets, sought after for floral and other displays, come in a big range of sizes.











Other distressed items display a real antique appeal, both in appearance and form.







Paul's display-tree is always a source of amusement to foreign visitors at the market.





More decorative, embossed vases, have emerged over the years but still retain the rustic essence of his work.













And for the gardener, a really useful watering can, with many other decorative uses.

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