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Demonstration on Saturday, 13 April, 2013
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Sculpting with wire and beads by Bernard Bepura





Pleasant natured Bernard Bepure is an autodidact sculptor, and has migrated through a number of media to express his passion for the 3-D arts. Starting with stone, he has also mastered wood sculpting and mosiacs before settling for the intricate wire and beadwork that is now his favoured medium. His preference if for portraying the members of the African Animal Kingdom.



Bernard pays great attention to detail and has the courage to take on even the largest of works, building them tiny bit by tiny bit, bead by bead, through countless hours of work. The end results are always remarkable and keep visitors to the market in awe as they see these pieces growing.



His lifesize Benni McCarthy sculpture, prior to the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, was such a piece. Another large work, his present ever-faithful companion to the market, lifesize Leo-al la Bernard, never fails to catch the eye of every visitor.



At the Country Craft Market of 13 April, 2013, Bernard will be demonstrating his skill in his field to show how he produces his fine works. Be sure to attend that market and visit his stall to see him at work. His collection of detailed animal and other sculptures will also be on display.
































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