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Demonstration on Saturday, 30 March, 2013
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Shoe (veltskoen) making by Gregory Joshua





Gregory Joshua is an experienced shoemaker - dare we say a modern-day cobbler?


Built for comfort and endurance, his footware range offers a real alternative to the mass-produced imported footware that floods our shops. He has attracted the interest of overseas visitors from countries where people once again are looking at the meaningful qualities that define good footware.



Gregory has a special passion for the humble yet iconic veldskoen. He has researched its origins and designs and will be sharing this interesting information with all visitors while showing them the process he follows in the manufacture of his veldskoene.



Be there at his demonstration at the next Country Craft Market on 30 March to see and learn all about his shoes - and perhaps test drive a pair of shoes that are made for the feet, not just the eyes.






Lots more information coming at the demonstration - be there.






















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