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Demonstration on Thursday, 21 March, 2013
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Colourful Pottery Designs by Theo Ntuntwana





Theo Ntuntwana and his co-potters, bring a new approach to the field of pottery. The ceramic pieces they produce bridge the gap between artworks and functional wares.



Drawing inspiration from nature and especially plants and animals, they use traditional styles to decorate their ceramics in untraditional ways. Working from the blank canvas of ceramic bisque-ware, they blend experience, passion and spontaneity to produce traditional looking designs that propel tradition into the modern era. Their only guideline is to use their sense of artistic expression, to pay tribute to the subjects they portray by depicting them in a harmonious way.



So their images are graphic, sometime naive, their colours bright and bold, and the net effect indeed captures the energy of Africa and the harmony of Nature (as it should be) on our continent.



At the Country Craft Market of Thursday, 21 March, Theo will be demonstrating how they develop their designs on their ceramic ware. Be sure to call at his stall to see the evolution of African Tradition in action.




Leading the way, Theo Ndodiphela Ntuntwana heads the enterprise he calls Theo Ceramics.




The variety of forms that Theo's group produces give them plenty of scope for their artistic imaginations to produce interesting designs





trays for fish or fowl


corn or cabbage





bowls for every occasion - peanuts?















plates for decoration or the dinner table










Theo's popular pieces include African images such as elephants, hedgehogs, snakes and feathers, often depicted in unusual forms.










Theo Ceramics has a primary purpose of creating opportunities for the unemployed youth and women of the townships of Khayelitsha to become self-sufficient. Through training and sharing his skills in ceramics, he empowers them to become productive members of their communities.












While highly decorative, these pieces are also totally functional. But you will be reluctant to store them inside cupboards and they will almost certainly find their way rather into open areas where they can be on display.



















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