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Demonstration on Saturday, 26 January 2013
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Decorative Light and Sand Sculpture by Christoph Weissenburg of c-Luminus




Christoph Weissenburg is fascinated by the elements of light, sand and rock that between the three, are all-pervasive in nature. By day or night, they offer our senses enormous variety, be it the bright light of our sun, or the faintest glimmer of a faraway galaxy, the boldness of a rocky mountain, or the beauty of pebbles in a stream, the uniformity of a sandy beach, or the complexity of its countless grains.


Each has aspects of complexity when viewed closely, and aspects of uniformity when viewed from a distance. Between these two extremes, is a wide space for appreciation and contemplation.


Christoph plays with these three elements, binding them into simple sculptures designed to intrigue the viewer, and demonstrate the importance of simple beauty. He believes his sculptures will assist viewers to appreciate simplicity and turn inwards to seek inner strength and simple values, uncluttered by worldly desires. As importantly, the elements he combines and the clean simplicity of his designs, are also a reminder of how we are cluttering Mother Earth (and our own lives), and destroying her pristine beauty.



At the Country Craft Market of 26 January 2013, the first market of the new year (a good time to consider our interaction with our planet), Christoph will be demonstrating the process he uses to form his sculptural works. Be sure to visit his stall and see him at work, and share some philosophical thoughts about his images and materials.




Christoph with some of his work












































































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