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Demonstration on Saturday, 8 December 2012
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Carving wooden animals by Vincent Ojeboh of Vincent Crafts


8 December 2012

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Vincent Ojeboh moved with his immediate family from Mpumalanga to the Western Cape in search of better prospects for his business. He saw here, a better market for his craftwork that captures in wood, the likeness and the moods of the animals of Africa. His obvious talent and his busy and pleasant nature are helping him to grow his business and get his work into more and more homes and businesses, in South Africa and worldwide.


While his work is essentially realistic, he plays with dominant features of some animals and represents them in an impressionistic way. This is particularly obvious in his largest-scale giraffes that will be outstanding features in any environment (that has enough headroom to house them). With an exaggerated vertical scale, they simply tower over all else and elevate the image of the African giraffe to new heights.


On Saturday 8 December, Vincent will be playing with the proportions of another of his favourite subjects, the hippo, and will pay homage to its rotund mass in a way that can only be fattering flattering to hippos. Make sure you call in at Vincent's demonstration on Saturday 8 December to view his collection of African Curios and see him at work on his wooden wonders.






Vincent and Hippo


Vincent's late father was a crafter who also carved animal and human forms in wood. It was from his father that Vincent inherited both the skills and the inspiration that have allowed him to continue with the family's traditions.

As a youth, Vincent spent many hours helping his father after school and on weekends, developing his own love and passion for this craft along the way.



Vincent at work

Producing another memento of an African experience


Vincent's secret is simple - take a tree, and take away all the parts to do not look like a giraffe / hippo / elephant / warthog / buffalo .....


Jacaranda, mahogany and ironwood are some of the wood types that he uses for his work.




Vincent Crafts ...




... preserve

the best

treasures of







... have the best views of Africa

(The image of this curio passing through the airport x-ray machine would surely bring a smile to the face of the stern-looking security officials)







... achieve great

ratings on the scale of buff

with none higher than

the ...buff-alow






... offer the longest lasting memories of Africa








... also come in sentimental pairs




Mother and child










... and ensure phat memories of Africa









Therefore, who wood not want one of these?









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