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Demonstration at the Country Craft Market on Saturday, 3 November 2012
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Basket Beading by Nomathemba Mditshwa


3 November 2012

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The stunning revelation that one can come to when examining beadwork, is that an enormous number of beads is used to decorate each item.

Each person can make his or her own estimate and if this estimate is even close to correct, the number will be impressive. Nomathemba cannot tell how many beads she uses to decorate her craftwork, but certainly multiple thousands of beads are used for each basket. Then, considering the attention paid to designs and patterns, each tiny bead used has to be selected and threaded in the correct order - all by hand.



This has to be a labour of love, and few do it better that the industrious Nomathemba who always seems to be busy. And she will be busy as usual at the 3 November Country Craft Market to show all who visit her stall, just how intricate her craft is and how she adds an extra dimension to beautifully woven baskets.




Wellington's Meercats




In themselves, Nomathemba's baskets, which are made by her mother, are fine works of craft, being decorative and beautifully made. Using dark grass and reeds split into fine strips, her mother weaves intricate patterns that give Nomathemba an excellent basis for her task of adding further embellishment.









Wellington's Meercats


Nomathemba explains that her colourful additions to these baskets are not haphazard, but are based on the traditional colours of Southern African tribes. They use gold, black and brown to reflect Xhosa culture, incorporate blue to capture the cultural identity of the Zulus, and make orange dominated designs that are reminiscent of the Ndebele people's colour preferences.


















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