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Demonstration at the Country Craft Market on Saturday, 13 October 2012
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Distressed Wood Painting by Martha Mostert of Martha's Art


29 September 2012

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This Self Portrait on distressed wood by Martha Mostert, illustrates the nature of her work ...




... kidding of course. But indeed, Martha seeks out pieces of distressed wood that show the wear and tear of time, use and abuse, and brings them new life with her bold and colourful paintings. And what better craftwork to demonstrate at the start of spring with vibrant colours and images emerging everywhere in nature.




Martha will be demonstrating her painting techniques at the first Country Craft Market of the 2012 spring season, and will also have a collection of her still-life paintings on display for viewing and purchase. Be sure to visit the market of 13 October to see Martha at work, amongst the other 200 or so crafters who make this a market one not to be missed.

Marth's collection




A scattering of Martha's work at previous market shows her preferred and diverse still-life themes. Martha has been painting for about 8 years.


Initially she studied with Annelise Brink and Suzelle Laten and later with Jean Hendricks.



She was drawn to the use of distressed wood as her canvas and sought out used old pieces of wood that are often gnarled and weathered.

She explains, "Sometimes these pieces of wood seem like artworks in themselves with all their intriguing grooves and crevices, and inter-woven colours. They simply add to the character of my paintings".






"The inspiration in my paintings is from God and all his creations", she claims, "and my work is imbued with love".



















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