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Demonstration at the Country Craft Market on Saturday, 11 February 2012
Wildlife Painting by Estelle van Schalkwyk

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Africa offers many faces to the artists of Africa and Estelle van Schalkwyk, chooses to feature the animal life of the vast continent in her work.











Jane Ross




Born and bred in Zimbabwe, she carries with her the understanding of wildlife that that country imparts on its inhabitants. Armed with this knowledge and understanding, and supported by her artistic talent, Estelle does full justice to her chosen subject and make her animals images seem alive and interactive.












At the Country Craft Market of 11 February, Estelle will be demonstrating how her brush strokes bring to life on her canvas, the animals that she chooses to paint. Be there to see her at work and view her collection that will be on display. This demonstration will add an extra attraction to this popular market that is filled with an abundance of treasures. Be there!












Estelle began her career as a wildlife artist using coloured pencils and watercolours to draw her lifelike images. Working from the wealth of experience she earned doing this, she migrated to brush and acrylics. This added an extra dimension and lustre to her realistic images.
































































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