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Demonstration at the Country Craft Market on Saturday, 28 January 2012
Driftwood Carving by Boniface Chikwenhere

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Jane Ross



Boniface Chikwenhere produced sculptures that cannot be ignored and few can pass his stall without admiring the way he coaxes recognisable forms out of complex pieces of driftwood that have been worn away from years of attack by the elements of nature.



The combination of both rugged and flowing aspects of his work is sufficiently interesting but the viewer that looks beyond the obvious will see that there are layers of thought that leave much more to be discovered in each piece. The contribution of nature is never erased but rather blended into the final piece so that its full history remains captured in the artwork.





Once again, this is certain to be a popular demonstration so be sure not to miss the Country Craft Market of 28 January and visit Boniface at his stall. Then afterwards, enjoy a stroll around all the other interesting craft stalls for a good morning's fun in the sun (or welcomed shade).


Jane Ross







Boniface hails from Zimbabwe. Carving is in his blood as he was born into a family that has been practising the skill of carving for many generations. But while he did not take to the craft as a child, the seeds planted by his elders did eventually grow and he now find himself engrossed in this art form.
















"I do not try to transform the wood, just release its hidden emotions. And in the wood I find pain, ululation, suffering, cheering, lovers, the hunter and the hunted, caring mothers, abused women, and many other expressions of life in Africa."











"Living with art positively requires some effort, but at the end of the day the effort is well rewarded! Art taps into our emotions, deepens our humanity and makes us more aware of our surrounding environment."















"Driftwood creations in abstract form demands mastery of a unique art, giving life to dead wood. It has become a passion for me because each bit of wood I use has an emotion or vision it wished to express."











"It is my task, working with that piece of wood, to find and reveal that inner secret. Forcing my own will, story or theme upon the wood leads to disappointed, so a subtle interaction is required between artist, raw material and final artwork."








"My driftwood art in abstract is in fact a basic form of human expression, a natural part of life that encompasses the social, economic and political achievements and struggles of the modern society that we can neither ignore nor run away from. I am inspired by air, marine and land flora and fauna, and of course also the human form."


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