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Demonstration at the Country Craft Market on Saturday, 26 November 2011
Driftwood Sculpturing by Boniface Chikwenhere of Taku-Tenda Driftwood Creations

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Boniface Chikwenhere




Boniface Chikwenhere's work is a popular feature of the Country Craft Market and his followers, including regular visitors from afar, will always make an early stop at his stall to see what new creations he has on display.


There is always an aspect of unpredictability in his work, as the raw material for his sculptures is driftwood that nature has worn away over many years, offering tantalising suggestions as to what it can represent. Once Boniface has read the intentions of the driftwood, he blends his own ideas and craft with and the driftwood's natural form, to create abstract work that retains the best of both contributors. In other words, both Nature and Boniface have their say in the end product and there is always some unplanned twist in the end result.


Boniface's driftwood sculptures engage their viewers as they leave scope for each person to fill in the blanks and complete that part of the sculpture that intentionally has been left in a mere suggestive phase. Be sure to visit the Country Craft Market of 26 November to see Boniface at work.



Andrew in thought



Birds are a popular theme in Boniface's work, and the owl is head of the list of birds he represents.











Boniface's sculptures of the human form, typically depict images of wisdom, patience, interaction and tolerance - or other of the better faces of "man".









Somewhat less sedentary than the owl forms, other bird sculptures are filled with movement and interaction.









Still, the familiarity of fish forms (or perhaps elaborated memories of the one that got away) keeps fish sculptures at the head of the popularity list.


Boniface invites all visitors to the Country Craft Market to come to his stall to see how he turns driftwood into abstract sculptures. There will also be a representative collection of his work on show.

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