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Saturday, 12 November 2011
Sculpture with Recycled Materials by Andrew Dombuleni


Andrew Dombuleni


In the hands of Andrew and the other members of his group, all forms of scrap metal, chicken wire, factory waste, and metal sheet cutoffs take on the forms of everything from tiny musicians to large animals. 



In all these works, true craftsmanship and artistic ability are obvious. Indeed, although the stylized and simplified forms are lacking in physical detail, they still vividly capture the essence of their subjects. They have a sense of movement and energy that completely imitates the nature of the people and creatures after which they are fashioned.



Andrew Dombuleni produces work that has a sense of care and uniqueness that puts him in the forefront of this art genre. He was one of the artists commissioned to interpret " My Cape Town". This required Andrew to work on his creation in public at the Waterfront. His work, entitled "Argus Fever", was a life-sized cyclist on a bicycle that took him 6 weeks to complete. An added bonus was the sale of his work on auction.



Andrew in thought







One of Andrew's specialities is a rather unique approach to wire art. He covers the wire frames of his creations with paper, producing structured but elegant works that reflect wonderful definition in their simplified forms.











Andrew begins his creations by fashioning a wire frame that is in effect a sculpture made with very broad, nearly invisible brushstrokes. It is difficult to see the detail that he is building into this frame as it are comprised of much more space than wire form. He obviously has a clearly visualized image in his mind that is guiding his hands.




paper creations





This becomes clears as he begins covering the frame. And as the thin layers of paper build around the wire, he seems to breathe life into the sculpture. Soon a three dimensional image builds and wire and paper are combined into bold forms that convey the boldness and vibrancy of Africa in spite of their elegant, gossamer appearance. The end results are worthy artworks, impressionistic yet lifelike.







Andrew at work as always

Andrew invites all visitors to the Country Craft Market to come to his stall to see how his various sculptures are created. There will also be a number of pieces of his work on show to show the extent of his talent and vision.

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