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Saturday, 29 October 2011, and 10 December 2011 
Ceramic Painting by Jane Ross

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Jane Ross







Jane Ross has been painting ceramic wares for 15 years. Her favourite items are children's plates, bowls and clocks that all carry her unique style of painting.














No task too small or too large, she has even produced complete dinner services, one of which even found a home in Canada. And Jane's plates are not just decorative items, they are all useful and usually get used with pride, even daily, especially by the young ones.













 She uses images, quotes, and personalised messages that make her work the ideal gift for someone special or for any special occasions. They are indeed items that catch the eye and demand more than a casual glance. 












At the Country Craft Market on Saturday, 29 October, Jane demonstrated how she turns a blank plate into a treasured item of joy and fun.
















 It was a joy to see her at work, using patience, care and imagination that show in each piece. With Christmas not too far away, her Christmas platters may be just what you need to make the Christmas season that much more festive.











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