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Saturday, 15 October 2011
Beaded Lamp making by Bernard Mushonga of The Two of Us









Bernard Mushonga runs a small enterprise called "The Two of Us". Based in Delft South, he produces his own beadwork products, a range of lamps with a practical purpose that take advantage of the special qualities of glass beads, their ability to play with light and produce many moods and colours.

















Bernard with a collection of his lamps at the Country Craft Market
















Although these elegant lamps are decorative even when not switched on, they reveal their best features after dark, when used to light those special areas of your home. With colours and designs to suit many situations, Bernard believes he can add a unique ambiance to your home.














At the next Country Craft Market on Saturday, 15 October, Bernard will be proudly demonstrating how he plans and produces his lamps, showing the intricate and careful techniques that join thousands of small parts together into a quality product, fit to grace any environment. Be there to see him in action.















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