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by Katharine Ambrose

26 March 2011






Artists such as Katharine Ambrose play an important role in recording the everyday lives and deeds of ordinary people. She uses the lively colours in her palate to express details, actions and emotions in colour rather than in obvious, realistic terms.





At the next Country Craft Market, Katherine will be donning her artist's cape with brushes in hand to show her skill at capturing the ordinary in an extraordinarily colourful but humble way. Her canvases are filled with life and while they offer much interest and eye wondering, they also invoke a sense of emotion and contemplation as one delves into the thoughts and social interactions that are represented in acrylics.




at work





Observations of people at work and play provide inspiration for Katherine's  favourite subjects.









hair pins






Group scenes filled with activity are favoured scenes, as are reflective pictures that merge human figures into natural scenes








but whatever the scene

at her stall

It seems that people are always present


hair pins




Sometime in a subtle way, that still adds a dramatic interest to the scene







at work




and often there are children at play, showing a lifestyle where interaction with friends still enjoys precedence over technological gadgets









at her stall


Visitors to the next Country Craft Market on 26 March will have the pleasure of seeing Katherine creating her work at the market and one can only imagine what the results will be. Be there to see for yourself.




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