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Papermaché Sculpting

by Jénee Rossé of Papermaché Creations

29 January 2011






Jénee Rossé has chosen to develop the craft of paper maché. But she has taken this craft beyond the ordinary and used it to create a diverse family of paper maché creatures that are a blend of fantasy and reality. The Jambees, her family of creations, includes Noofs, Boos Zoofs and other weird and wonderful never-seen-before naminals.



At the craft market of 29 January, the first for 2011, Jénee will be introducing visitors to the Counter Craft Market to her Jambees, and will also be showing some of the tricks and techniques that go into their creation. Visitors to the market are invited to bring their imaginations along to fully appreciate this world of wonder.









Jénee Rossé is the creator of brightly coloured Papermaché Creations "The Jambees". Jénee originally started making papermaché craftwork in 1989 whilst studying for her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from UCT. Because of her love for wildlife and nature, her initially idea was to recreate little animals from recyclable objects and things we throw away.






mother and child





Between 1989 and 1993 Jénee marketed a fantasy Papermaché family through various exhibitions, markets and15 retail outlets around South Africa. In 1993 she moved to South America living in Venezuela and Bolivia, returning to South Africa in 2001.











Jénee briefly restarted papermaché selling at Somerset West and Houtbay markets in 2002. However, being a mum of two young girls, and having to commute between Tanzania and South Africa, and making a brief relocation to Dar Es Salaam in 2007, meant she was unable to continue and Papermaché Creations was put back on the shelf.





In 2010 Jénee restarted Papermaché Creations because of the recycle & reuse awareness in the community and because papermaché is a wonderful light-hearted and fun way to mix and blend throw away items with found natural objects. A range of unique whimsical characters emerged that bring the inner child out of the adult, delight all children and impart a sense of fun and laughter into a World today.

table mountain








Each Papermaché Creation is unique, individual and one of a kind and has a gift certificate that introduces the character.


















Jénee says, "A Jambee doesn't backchat, burp, snort, fart, drink, eat, snore or have ticks or fleas. A Jambee makes a prefect companion and friend to cheer up a rainy day. So treat your Jambee with TLC and he or she will look after you for eternity"









The Products:

Jambees: Papermaché Creations range includes,

Papermaché 3 dimensional freestanding sculpure.Bushnoof

Pencils: - Bushzoot mini mobiles

Magnoof fridge magnets

Mobiles: - Guineadooks, Spaceducks, Elebirds, Hippobirds, Girafbirds, Zebrabirds, Woo Birds,

                   Spacepiggy's, SpaceEleboos, SpaceBuckatoos

Plant Companions: - Boofaloons.Potted Papermaché Plants:Wowners.Seazot mini

Mobiles: - Seazot Fish, Whales, Dolphins.

Wildlife wall cut outs: - Christmas Santa's, Angels, Gnomes and mini tree

Decorations: - Mini Etchings, "Guineahog band"




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