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Playful Crafts by Carol & Tim Yarnold of Intoto


25 September 2010

carol with her bottles





September 25 marks the reopening of the Country Craft Market for a brand new season of innovative and quality handmade craftwork. A collection of over 200 crafters are all ready to make this a significant and colourful contribution towards the awakening of the 2010 spring.






carol with her bottles





To underline the bright and playful nature of this time of emergence from winter, Carol and Tim Yarnold of Intoto will be demonstrating how they combine colour, light, sound, movement, wood and their special ingredient, an appreciation of the exuberance of childhood, into a range of products that inspire the joy of youthfulness in both young and not so young.






Carol & Tim have been crafting for sixteen years, making a variety of brightly coloured items that include tiny hand-painted glassware, suncatchers and cards. Two years ago, Tim resurrected his dusty woodwork interest to supplement their product line. Together with ten-year old son Miles as product tester, he and Carol started to produce a collection of fun and challenging wooden toys, all bearing their bright and colourful trademark.






peg boards




Both Carol and Tim have art in their blood - in various genre. Carol who is born and bred in Somerset West, studied fine art at Rhodes University. Her industrious nature, patience and flair for design equip her well for the life of a crafter. Having always enjoyed arts and crafts, what better way to keep her ever-eager hands busy?





With the experience of having worked as a Montessori directress, Carol clearly has both experience working with children, and some valuable insight into the workings of the minds of children. These added assets help shape her approach to her craftwork.

varions toys


Tim is an ex-Londoner who immigrated to South Africa in 1980. Having excelled in art and music during his school days, Tim left school with A-level in art, hoping to get accepted into an art college. When this did not happen, he temporarily shelved his ambition of a career in commercial art and in the sixties, joined a band. He soon became more interested in a career in music, as a keyboard player. This interest has stuck, and he currently performs in local bands.


Between Carol and Tim, they have developed and ever-evolving range of products. They strive to offer attractive items that integrated colour, movement and fun. This they achieve well as is evident at their stall. While the many glass items can be seen playing with the sunlight, their suncatchers play with the wind to help throw colourful light-beams all around the area, adding a special radiance to the stall.





Carol has a special interest is in sturdy educational toys that assist with children's development. The colourful and fun toys she and Tim produce help to promote motor skills and dexterity in children. For example, the Step 'n Catch links the foot to the eye. When stamped on, it sends a beanbag into the air that the child needs to try to catch. Dino Feet develop balance and co-ordination, Ringboards and Ring 'n' Stick teach accurate throwing skills, and Dingbats are great for improving rhythm. Solitaire, Whirr-Whirrs and Spinning Tops add their individual challenges in fun ways.






board game



During production, it is all hands on board for the Yarnolds. From Timís dusty shed where he does the cutting, shaping and sanding, the wooden toys proceed to Carolís workroom where she paints and decorates the toys  and glassware with brightly coloured patterns. Miles enjoys helping with the very messy business of decorating the spinning toys that are spun rapidly while paint is applied.






peg and rings


Understandably, there are always children of all ages playing with the demonstration toys at the Intoto craft stall. Take the opportunity at the 25 September Country Craft Market to join them and participate in the fun. You can also watch to see how Carol & Tim produce their craftwork that captivates children, and indeed the child in us all. Best of all, feel the rejuvenation of springtime - it is here.






rings and peg














various toys





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