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Plate Painting by Carl Marx

Traditional Beading by Beauty Gubuza


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27 April 2010


children at work



On 27 April 2010, the Country Craft Market will be hosting two demonstrations that will catering for all ages. Carl Marx will be making a special effort to provide children with fun, painting their own ceramic plates. Also, Beauty Gubuza will be demonstrating some of the traditional fashion secrets of Kuyakhanya Craft.





While parents are browsing through all the interesting corners of the market, Carl Marx will be offering an opportunity for their children to also enjoy their visit to the market. Using their imaginations, they will be helped to decorate a ceramic plate that can later be baked to make the design permanent.


a carl masterpiece





Meanwhile their mothers and indeed all women visitors to the market will want to visit Beauty Gubuza at her stall. Beauty is the owner of Kuyakhanya Craft, a small business with a big reputation, that makes and sells imaginative traditional African craft work of exceptional quality.




children at work







For the plate painting activity, Carl provides all that is necessary, tools and paints - and of course all the necessary supervision and guidance so that both parents and children are able to relax and enjoy their visits to the market.


all the materials


The  glazes used by Carl can be baked in a domestic oven at home to provide a lasting item that can be either for everyday use, or for display as a prized artwork.







Now back to Beauty and her traditional handmade arts and crafts of Africa......


In a country that had been swamped with cheap eastern products, and continues to embrace more and more of these foreign trinkets, it is refreshing to find those who still believe sufficiently in the traditional handmade arts and crafts of Africa to encourage their revival and regrowth to positions of National pride.





bead extravaganze



This is one of the dreams of Beauty Gubuza. Beauty is proud that she learned her traditional skills as a child, and has since turned them into a craft business that both offers others an opportunity of employment, and is helping to revive the skills used in true traditional African arts and crafts.


Accordingly, Beauty chose the name Kuyakhanya for her business as it means "it is daylight", and symbolises the awakening of a new era in the re-establishing of the skills used in traditional crafts so close to her heart, that are slowly being lost.


Since its establishment in 1999, Kuyakhanya Craft has achieved much and continues to work towards empowering unemployed people. It offers both skills development and an opportunity to sell the craftwork that is produced. At this demonstration, Beauty will be demonstrating some of the traditional beadwork techniques that define her craftwork.




"As a black Xhosa woman, it is part of my culture to produce bead work", says Beauty. "We were taught from a very early age how to make all the various traditional items and designs. Now I have the opportunity to use these skills to earn an income and assist others less fortunate but equally dedicated, to also be employed."


But no dedication is without a price to pay, and Beauty says that the intricate nature of the work makes special demands on the crafters. "Making traditional craftwork is a job that takes much time and is very fine work," she tells. "So the eyes are strained and we need to be very patient. One wrong move can destroy the whole pattern, especially with the special pieces."


"Still", she says, "we feel very blessed that we can make traditional craft items that give much pleasure to both the people who make them and the people who wear them."



Kuyakhanya Craft produces a variety of craftwork but most items are made with or include small beads used in various African styles. The list or products includes elaborate necklaces, various other jewellery items, traditional dolls, decorations for body and home, and household goods like tea showers and cutlery.


As the market season draws to a close, with just one last market in May, be sure to visit the Country Market to see Beauty at work while you children are taken care of by Carl.

intricate necklaces

With the Approval Market but a few days away, on 1 May, crafters hoping to gain access to the Country Craft Market have one last opportunity to apply for one of the few remaining places at this market. Full details are at
or call at the Information stall at the market.


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