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Mobile Making by Sanda Bunter

of Crafty Beach


27 March 2010

MArk and Sanda Bunter




In this age of hi-tech, automated everything and gadgets that virtually decide for us when we must eat, breathe and whatever, it is good to know that some are still inspired by the simple things, like the beauty of a weathered sea-shell, or bits of driftwood offered up by the sea.



Sanda and Mark Bunter are two such people who still appreciate nature's humble gifts, and even found in them, the inspiration for their craft enterprise they call Crafty Beach. At the next Country Craft Market on 27 March, Sanda will be demonstrating how she and Mark use such found-objects, spiced with a little imagination and ingenuity, to produce naturally colourful mobiles (no batteries included) that add a bit of old-world and natural charm to home environments.





crafty beach frames





The idea for Crafty Beach came together while Sanda and Mark were on honeymoon in Paternoster. There, surrounded by the abundant shells and other gifts from the sea, they began to gather mementos with the intent of making something to remind them of the idyllic time they shared there. During their foraging, the concept of a mobile came to mind and soon they realised how this could become a base for a range of craftwork that gives the feeling of beach life.











And so Crafty Beach was born and shortly afterwards, they supplemented their beach-life ideas with various wooden items including frames, signs and crosses. Wood obtained from old buildings or second-hand building merchants is used to obtain that beach-matured look that strong sunlight and salt-spray produce.







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In this joint venture, while Sanda decides on colours and styles, Mark busies himself with his computer, producing images in various themes, to fill the weather-worn frames. The names of the frame ranges include Cuba, Beach house, Caribbean and Provence, and carry the fun-in-the-sun theme of their Crafty Beach products. Blackboards, coat-racks and other household items extend to the Crafty Beach range.









Sanda is originally from Somerset West, and Mark from Bournemouth in the UK. They now live in Kuilsriver by day, and in their dream beach-home by night. Their happy spirits blend well with their chosen business and their love of a natural weathered look, guides their work, resulting in a subtle worn-elegance, captured at the moment of special appeal.






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At her demonstration, Sanda will be showing how she and Mark integrate shells and other found objects with newer items and weathered wood to make colourful, yet natural looking mobiles that can find a place in any home. Their appreciation for the colours, forms and textures is obvious, and Sanda and Mark hope that items such as these may just instil in others, especially the next generation, the same love of nature and the sea, that they share.








Sanda invites all visitors to the craft market to visit her stall on 27 March to see how a little imagination can convert the waste from nature’s recycle bin into items of gentle beauty and interest.






Crafters hoping to gain access to the Country Craft Market are reminded that the season for applications for new crafters is now with us and the organisers are still accepting applications. Full details are at

or call at the Information stall at the market.



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