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Stone Carving by Ronaldino Tigere


19 December 2009








Well known for his expressive stone sculptures of birds, Ronaldino Tigere is going to be the feature of the last Country Craft Market of 2009 on 19 December. He will be showing his new venture, more complex sculptures in stone, of animals and other creatures. No stranger to demonstrations, Ronaldino will be happy to share the intricacies of his craft with those visiting the market.















Ronaldino has travelled a traditional craftsman's path from roots in Tafara in Zimbabwe, carrying with him a passion for bird. Learning under the guidance of the village craftsmen, who are recognised for their stonework, Ronaldino carved his own niche in this recognition.








stone bird




After heading further a field, his craft has continued to evolve, as those who have collections of his birds will know. From fine representations of bird forms, Ronaldino soon integrated a high degree of expression in his work, adding definitive personalities to the subjects he carves. This is most evident when watching the expressions on the faces of those trying to make decisions about which of his works to buy.









Now he is ready to tackle the intricacies posed by carvings of animal forms, where legs, necks, tails and other fine and elongated features test the skill more thoroughly than the rounded forms of birds. Considering that each of his pieces is carved from one solid piece of stone, it is obvious that even aspects like the 4 legs, demand extra care and thought to ensure mishaps do not turn the planned sculpture, into a heap of rubble.




Then to increase the challenge, he adds even extra complications by producing tall forms like giraffes, and even pairs of giraffes. This will be one of the subjects of his demonstration. But confident with his well-practised skills, he has met this challenge and will be releasing the first results of this work at this market.








This new aspect of his work supplements not just his popular bird sculptures, but also his metal sculptures of all sorts of small creatures, designed to withstand the more robust environment of gardens and the onslaught of all types of Western Cape weather.





Ronaldino's sculptures are particularly popular with visitors to South Africa and by now he has lost count of how many have found their ways to foreign shores. He expects the new themes to be equally popular.


The last Country Craft Market of the year on 19 December offers a final chance for all gift seekers to find that something unusual and crafty. And with the year fast running out and Christmas at our doorstep, it is most likely Santa's bag will contain more than a few Ronaldino sculptures. Watching his demonstration will definitely be captivating, as in his skilful hands, raw stone comes to life in the form of beautiful animals.





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