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Crochet Jewellery by Janette Schelpe


5 December 2009




At the Country Craft Market of 5 November 2009, Janette Schelpe will be demonstrating a crocheting technique used to create beaded jewellery. This technique gives a special life to the usual "string of beads", distinguishing it from other beading forms.



Integrating the string, or in this case a fine wire, into the design, is a somewhat more involved approach than usual techniques but produces surprising results. Rather than distracting from the beads, this wire frame plays a role in enhancing the beads, and in turn, adding to the effect of the whole piece of jewellery.



Visitors to the Country Craft Market, that is held at Southey's Vines, must be sure to view the demonstration to see both the crocheting process and the display of resulting pieces. This crochet jewellery adds an extra dimension to the already diverse range of jewellery and accessories available at the market.






Janette Schelpe teamed up with long time friend from their school days, Noneen Knox, to start this beaded jewellery venture. Both have professional careers, but wanted to find a way to integrate the mainline path of their working lives, with a sideline avenue where they could exercise their artistic inclinations.


Noneen tells, ”Janette started the ball rolling by going on a jewellery course and dragged me along. We so enjoyed this new challenge that jewellery pieces were soon flowing from our work tables. Friends and family wanted to buy them and so an enjoyable hobby evolved rather quickly into a successful business”





necklaces 2




"We first produced short many-stranded necklaces," says Janette, "but after repeated requests for more elegant, longer strings, they are also now part of our range." Bracelets also became part of their collection that can now cater to most tastes.





Elaborating on the crocheting technique, Janette explains that they use fine wire that integrates the beads into the crocheting threadwork.

"This holds the beads in suspension," she explains, "as if they are floating, and gives a light and airy feel to the whole piece. While silver and gold wire are obvious choices of colours, we actually use a range of colours, black, purple and pink being the current favourites."




necklaces 3



They use a variety of stones and beads. Included are pearls, crystals, semi-precious stones and all sorts of antique beads that they seek out at charity shops, car boot sales and other such sources. "For us it is a fun thing, making our jewellery and playing with colour schemes and designs, but we do try to make sure our work does not become too bling," says Janette. "This extends the useful range of our jewellery from the casual to the formal, tea parties to weddings, and tee shirts to evening gowns."









necklaces 4






"Within the scope of colour variations, crocheting process, bead types, design, and our moods at the time," claims Janette, " we know that no two pieces ever end up looking the same. This means each piece is unique."







Janette and Noneen look forward to explaining more about their work during their demonstration at the Country Craft Market on 5 December 2009. While exploring through the crafting spectacle of the market's many pathways, visitors should stop to enjoy their demonstration and take a closer look to experience the unique qualities of their work. It will make a definite "From Mom to Mom" Christmas surprise.

detail of crochet work




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