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Beaded Work by Vincent NoŽl

of NoŽl en Afrique


31 January 2009


working 1





Demonstrations at the Country Craft Market are a key attraction as the crafters show their skills and techniques that are always extremely informative and entertaining.








working 2





Vincent NoŽl will be doing the next demonstration and secretively has disclosed very little about his techniques and products, styles, colours etc. So we all wait in great anticipation to see him at work to discover what wonders he will bring to being with his creative instincts.







place settings





He speaks of an Afro-European twist that he appears to use in beaded work - under the intriguing name NoŽl and Afrique. Perhaps mere words are insufficient to describe the surprise we will all experience. So best not miss this one.





close up on hands


boxed set



























prayer beads














more at work
















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