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Glass Engraving by Jan Winckel


20 December 2008

Jan Winckel glass engraving






Of all canvases that an artist can use to bear his or her creations, glass is perhaps the most unforgiving. It demands of the artist and craftsman greater understanding and dexterity than encountered with most, if not all other media.











This amazing substance that serves man in countless ways on a daily basis, is indeed many time blessed. It is not just happy to be of practical use, its natural allure, versatility, and willingness (with the right coaxing) to be formed into literally any shape imaginable, also give it a head start in all the fashion stakes. Good style without glass may well not be possible.









close up on cutting




Still, not content with the simple beauty of glass, craftsmen have learned to embellish its transparent and translucent forms in many ways to add extra interest to this vitreous treasure. At the next craft market, visitors will be treated to a demonstration of glass engraving by master craftsman Jan Winckel. Without doubt, he will captivate the crowd with his mastery of this difficult craft.












Working as Shasha Glass Engraving, Jan Winckel will transfer the requests of his customers onto chosen glassware using a stationary glass cutting disc. Freehand, he manipulates the glassware being worked on, and with deft twists and rotations, manages to do the seemingly impossible, following the contours of the glass item exactly. With deceptive ease, copperplate writing and flawless images are speedily transferred directly from his mind onto the glass surfaces.










ship glass





Even the distractions of the admiring crowd do not disturb his concentration and in a matter of moments, another person is the proud owner of a personalised glass or vase. His humble and unassuming manner make the spectacle of his craftmanship all the more extraordinary.









musical glasses








The brittle nature of glass leave little room for error and mistakes cannot be wiped away with a damp cloth. A cut made too deeply on a delicate wine glass means someone gets a wet lap at dinner.








ship glass




Jan has one chance to get it right but years of experience have obviously equipped him extremely well for the task. Because of his obvious skill, rubber-necking in the always-present crowd is obligatory, and simply unavoidable.







This is a must-see demonstration

as all these people agree ...

ship glass

... and Jan will be happy to supply you something special for the Christmas stocking of your someone special. Or perhaps you may even choose to acquire that unique, “to me from me”, personalised Christmas gift. Join the crowd at the pre-Christmas market on 20 December and experience a really exceptional demonstration.

ship glass



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