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Koolaz Kool Ties by Kay Firkins


16 December 2008

Kay and Rachel

Ideas to beat the heat and cold, and cool ways to be fashionably hot are on the demonstration menu during the next two Country Craft Markets.


The show begins on Tuesday 13 December, when Rachel Munondo will be demonstrating how she uses a really cool range of interesting beads, to produce her hot fashionable accessories.

Then from the purely decorative to the totally practical, on Tuesday 16 December, Kay Firkins will be demonstrating how she makes Kool Ties, her very practical solution to beating the heat and staying cool on these hot summer days that are upon us.


These ideas and the many others that fill the Country Craft Market with original handmade craftwork will definitely take care of the questions marks against names on your Christmas lists.







Kay and Kool Ties


Kay Firkins discovered the crafting life in 1994, having abandoned the corporate world in favour of a more stress free home life, and the need to take care of her mother. Her initial plans to have a six-month break before retuning to work fell apart somewhat, as her need to be busy soon got her involved in a home enterprise.



Even while still doing the nine to fiver (or eight to later), Kay had discovered that the mustard she made according to her mother's time-honoured family recipe, had created quite a demand amongst her fellow workers. So she soon turned her hand to producing pots of mustard for sale.



Kool Ties



Then, as soon as she was able to get her mother to disclose the other family treasure, their marmalade recipe, Kay was in business, producing mustard and marmalade. She aptly named this range of products Mums', in honour of the traditions of that mothers in the family who had passed down these culinary secrets.







The next step was to join the Country Craft Market, which she did in 1995, in a joint venture with Jacques Nel who made wrought iron furniture. As a full-fledged Crafter, Kay was able to happily juggle her life style to suit her various commitments, and enjoyed the freedom of choice it gave her.


poler bear maskot



Fast forward to the present, and while Mums' products remain equally popular, Kay has added a new innovative range of Koolaz products to her stall. Making use of the now much used (human and animal friendly) water-absorbing crystals, Kay designed a collection of products that can be used to beat the heat of summer. The crystals absorb enormous volumes of water, swelling to 400 times their dry-state size. Then they release this water slowly producing evaporation cooling, one of nature's free gifts - no batteries required.









The success of this idea has spawned various Koolaz devices, Kool Ties, Neck Wraps, Kool Mats, and the most recent additions, Headbands, and Wristbands (available in pairs). Kay advises that they also help people with Multiple Sclerosis, assist with reducing the temperature of unwell infants, and relieve tension headaches and migraines.





At her demonstration on Tuesday, 16 December, she looks forward to providing much more information and will also show the whole process of making her Kool Ties. Kay tells that she can soak any Koolaz products purchased at the market, for immediate use. Her husband Fred, convinced of their value, advises visitors to "put on your Kool Tie to restart your brain".




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