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Fashionable Beads by Rachel Munondo


13 December 2008

Kay and Rachel

Ideas to beat the heat and cold, and cool ways to be fashionably hot are on the demonstration menu during the next two Country Craft Markets.


The show begins on Tuesday 13 December, when Rachel Munondo will be demonstrating how she uses a really cool range of interesting beads, to produce her hot fashionable accessories.


Then from the purely decorative to the totally practical, on Tuesday 16 December, Kay Firkins will be demonstrating how she makes Kool Ties, her very practical solution to beating the heat and staying cool on these hot summer days that are upon us.


These ideas and the many others that fill the Country Craft Market with original handmade craftwork will definitely take care of the questions marks against names on your Christmas lists.



Fashionable Beads by Rachel Munondo





Rachel Munondo joined the world of crafters from the now very familiar route, being one of the many enterprising people who by choice or necessity, follow the road of self employed to provide for their families.




Rachel is a Zulu, born in Mpumalanga and draws from her powerful and proud tribal traditions of handwork and of course bead work. Seven years ago, she began doing beadwork as a source of income.








Then her enterprising nature led her to Cape Town where she formed a Club of like-minded people, willing to create their own opportunities in the crafting world, and work towards improving their positions in society.



The Masibabane Club as they names it, has 3 male and 4 female members. The club uses a garage in Ysterplaat in Brooklyn as their workshop, and thanks partly to donors, have all the necessary machines and materials to pursue their trade. All the members work full time producing their wide range of bead products. Beads large and small, regular and irregular, natural and manufactured, organic and inorganic, local and foreign, all find their way into their necklaces and many other fashion accessories.




Rachel and necklace


Rachel informs that some of the beads are made from horns of animals like goats and cows, and others from bones of many more animals including elephants. Through distributors in Johannesburg, they also acquire beads from India, that extend the diversity and add a special dimension to their products.


The Club makes all its own designs and all hands assist to produce the colourful and stylish collection that one will see at the Country Craft Market. At her demonstration on Saturday, 13 December, Rachel will be showing the techniques and materials used in the production of their many bead designs. She invites all visitors to call at her stall to watch the process and see the emergence of exquisite jewellery composed from the colourful notes of the many beads available.



Without a doubt, in her big, varied and colourful collection, you are bound to find that perfect gift for someone special - like yourself.

bead galore



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