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Handmade Glassware by Loretta Magan


22 March 2008

loretta and glassware



The art of combining glass, colour and form into decorative but also useful items of glassware, has tempted many to try this interesting craft. But not all have the enthusiasm and persistence to survive its capricious nature. Indeed the subtleties of this art form mean that those not willing to endure and tolerate initial failures will simply fall prey to its fickleness.


But some indeed have both the enthusiasm and the drive, and eventually find or develop the techniques they need to persuade glass to express their artistic imaginings. Loretta Magan was immediately hooked on glass fusing after seeing a demonstration a few years ago that introduced her to the art of staining, fusing and slumping glass to produce exciting and beautiful glass items.


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slumped glass



"My creative instincts were set alight," she tells, "and soon I was spending hours and hours in my very hot garage, learning how to cut glass, only made possible with the help of the get-better kisses of those well know wound dressing plasters, discovering how to use enamels paints and kiln wash without completely coating oneself as well, and doing battle with the complexities of the kiln that clearly had a mind of its own."







more glassware


Loretta Magan remembers these "frustrating times" with a smile, but says, "Even the difficult times were still fun, and were a necessary process that gave me the experience I needed in art and design." Now after more than 5 years of producing glassware, she happily reports that she is still having fun while introducing new ideas and discovering new techniques. The rewards of seeing others deriving joy from seeing and owning my work, is just a huge added bonus.








The craft of Warm Glass generally refers to the process of fusing glass sheets or pieces of glass together in a kiln to form one solid sheet. Then using moulds and more heat in the kiln, this fused sheet is persuaded to take on the form of the mould, called slumping, producing a specific piece of glassware. Colour is added along the way using enamel paints, and the end result is a transparent or translucent artwork that plays with light as only glass can, to give it a magical appeal.





Clearly, Loretta is passionate about her craft and was keen to sharing some of that passion with visitors to the Country Craft Market of 22 March. She demonstrated some of the techniques and designs she uses and had a range of finished products to show the many variations that she achieves. She invited all visitors to call at her stall and see her demonstration and her elegant and colourful collection of glassware.

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