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Beadwork by Beauty Gubuza


23 February 2008

At her demonstration, Beauty showed some of the intricacies of beadwork, showing how single items emerged from masses of tiny parts.

beauty and beads






Completely looking the part

Beauty in sports a dress with

traditional designs

that mimic her beadwork











Conventional tableware

comes to life with colour
















and plenty for the fashion conscious










beaded neclaces





Elegance from

a multitude or colourful orbs








spoiled for choice

neclace collection


Beauty's Story

Beauty Gubuza is the inspiration and driving force behind a small business she calls Kuyakhanya Craft.

beaded neclaces





The very name reflects the spirit of this enterprise, the awakening from their slumbers, of the many the skills used in traditional crafts that were slowly becoming dormant, or worse still, being lost. And as they re-emerge under Beauty's guidance, indeed it is a new dawning, Kuyakhanya, "it is daylight" again.








Beauty explains. "As a black Xhosa woman, it is part of my culture to produce bead work. We were taught from a very early age how to make all the items and designs that were part of our tradition. People were forgetting about these handcrafts, not realising that they can make an important contribution to tourism and even show the everyday South African about the rich culture we have inherited. So Kuyakhanya Craft was born to give them new life and bring them into the daylight again."


Indeed, her belief in the relevance of traditional arts and crafts has been at the core of her success and still drives her onwards - always with a broad and friendly smile.






neclace collection


beaded neclacesbeaded neclaces



Kuyakhanya Craft was established in 1999 and has already achieved much towards its aim of reviving traditional crafts, but also in the process, empowering unemployed people. "Now I have the opportunity to use these skills to earn an income and assist others to also be employed", says Beauty proudly. "Those I employ then also have an opportunity to both develop skills and to sell the craftwork that they produce", she adds.





Kuyakhanya Craft produces a variety of craftwork but most items are made with or include small beads used in the African styles. The list or products is wide and ever increasing.


But Beauty says that the intricate nature of the work makes special demands on the crafters. "This is a job that takes much time and is very fine work," she tells. "So the eyes are strained and one needs to be very patient. One wrong move can destroy the whole pattern especially with the special pieces."





neclace collection


Beauty and her co-crafters produce exceptional work, done with care and pride. At the Country Craft Market of 23 February, she demonstrated some of the techniques and designs they use at Kuyakhanya Craft. She invited all visitors to call at her stall and see the processes for themselves.


neclace collection

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