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Creative Woods by Will Thompson


Monday 17 December 2007

At this craft market, Will Thompson began the process of sculpting a section of a tree trunk onto what he plans to be a dragon-like form ... latest developments ...

Will at work







A large task underway








looking glass Will

Will and lliW


Will working on dragon






working on a new








Will with visitor






With visitor, explaining

the wooden dragon-to-be






close up on dragon

close attention to detail








taking care of hands







Will and visitors






Curious interest







A fine table


Will's Story


will thompson


Will Thompson's motto "Created in Nature. Crafted for you" gives full insight into his approach to his craft. The name of his enterprise that he calls, Creative Woods, bears this out further. He acknowledges that nature plays the primary role in his work, and allows him the joy of working with it products to do what he does so well.


At his demonstration at the Country Craft Market of Monday 17 December, visitors will be able to see him converting seemingly old and useless pieces of wood, into valuable components for his various designs in wood.


Will interacts with wood that he finds anywhere and everywhere, and helps it to become more interesting and exhibit its true inner beauty. It requires a special talent to be able to see beyond the veneer of the scrappy and dishevelled appearance of a piece of rejected wood to the hidden arboreal treasure that lies beneath.





wooden time


It also takes a sensitive eye and hand to be able to manipulate this piece of wood just sufficiently so as not to erase its life story, while still bringing its innate beauty to the surface.



As he works on a piece of wood, he interprets the emerging textures, grain patterns, smells and colours as guidance from nature, pointing him in the directing best suited for the wood. The result is always to produce the best from any piece of wood.


Will does this well, and not only resurrects the wood, but also finds in his mind, the most suitable use for it. Continuing the work of nature, he ensures that it becomes not just an item of beauty, but also and item of utility and purpose.




Will invites all visitors to the Country Craft Market to visit his stall on Monday 17 December, to see him at work, and share in some of the excitement of getting beneath the surface of this interesting craft.




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