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Bird Stone-sculpures by Ronaldino Tigere

stone birds

1 December 2007

At his demonstration, Ronaldino showed why he is the birdman, turning irregular chunks of rock into smooth, elegant and aerodynamic birds. Starting with a hammer and ending up with delicate buffing, form emerges as he removes all that parts of the rock that do not look like the bird image in his mind.


setting up




Early morning setting up ...











... watched by his creations







at work




Hard at work,

carving rough rock ...










rough work




bird taking shape









finishing off





some last shaping






and the bird is formed,

nearly ready for its first breath

bird nearly done






Admiring visitor










bigger birds




birds of another feather












and small animals








The man and his flock


stone bird




from small








secretary bird head





to big








little birds


and from flying birds







to ground hugging small animals



Ronaldino's Story



Ronaldino Tigere is a valuable contributor to the collage of the Country Craft Market. He is the Birdman, fashioning lifelike birds from metal and stone. While metal is a subsequent addition to his palette, he acquired his original stone carving skills in a totally traditional way, by walking the path of a true apprentice.



At the Country Craft Market of 1 December 2007, he demonstrated his carving skills and bird knowledge that allows him to produce his charming Lapis Ornithologicus collection.





Ronaldino grew up in the township of Tafara in Harare. It is this township that has produced most of the well known stone carvers of Zimbabwe. "So I grew up in a stone carving community, not realising that by simply helping my elders, I was actually acquiring my own skills in the art of stone carving," he recalls.


secretary bird


In the process of developing and refining his skills, he found he was turning to birds as his subjects. With stone and metal as his media, and nature as his template, he began to produce his own brand of authentic bird sculptures. For added information and inspiration, he also turned to Newman's book of birds, allowing him to expand beyond his personal experience and continuously improve his bird images.


Metal in all its forms is easy to obtain, but suitable stone is a bit more difficult. He prefers to use opal stones which he acquires from Zimbabwe, and now also from Nelspruit. Ronaldino mixes his media as it is required by the subject and blends metal and stone artfully, resulting in what he calls "curios that will beautify country-styled gardens". Whether these gardens be in country, town or city, local or foreign, his bird images will give them a little breath of African nature.



While his many large and small birds sculptures make up the bulk of his work. Ronaldino also turns to small animals to further extend his range. The result is a collection of Garden Curios in which everyone will find something to suit every corner of every garden design.


At the Country Craft Market of 1 December, Ronaldino demonstrated his stone carving talents and insights. This was most interesting to watch, seeing rough chunks of stone take form and come to life in his skilful hands.


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