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Crystal and Semi-precious Gemstone

Table Décor by Debi Greybe

24 November 2007

On Saturday 24 November, Debi Greybe demonstrated how she uses crystals and semi-precious stones to produce elegant and vibrant tableware that can add lustre to any table setting and any occasion.

Debi at work





at work with a display of how she

makes her tableware







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Fine work 







visitors to stall




Interested visitors







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Products emerge






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Debi's Story

South Africa has been blessed with a bountiful supply of gemstones and crystals that have inspired many crafter to use them in imaginative ways. Debi Greybe is one such crafter, who named her crafting business, 3D, Debi's Décor and Design.


In her childhood, Debi was fortunate to have had a valuable mentor of whom she speaks most fondly. "My love for crafting was instilled by my grandfather," tells Debi, "a brilliant and talented man who greatly inspired me." 

debi at stall






"From watercolour, drawing, scraperboard to pewter work, enamel jewellery and in his later years motorised radio-controlled model aeroplanes and helicopters, he yearned for it all," she adds. Having spent her childhood at his elbow in his work shack, Debi's grandfather was her greatest tutor. "I feel close to him in whatever craft I pursue and I create my crystal and gemstone designs mostly with the tools I inherited from him, pliers, patience and love.







some jewellery



Using crystals and gemstones for her creations seemed to be a natural progression for Debi as she says she has been surrounded by them all my life. "Still, I only truly discovered them during 2004 to 2006 while working with someone who sourced crystal and mineral rough from Southern Africa, specifically Namibia and the Kalahari Manganese Fields." These gemstones were destined for worldwide export and as a consequence, Debi learned a great deal about them, and developed a keen appreciation for these beautiful stones.




"The variety of colour, texture, crystal systems (shape and form) not to mention scientific names, compositions, habit were all daunting to say the least and yet captured me," she explains. But she was assisted by the unlimited documentation on gems and crystals, and discovered not just the scientific information, but also the holistic uses and benefits of crystals and minerals. "This is an enormous field to explore and I aim to include them in every aspect of my life, which is what motivates me to create functional designs," she adds.







Debi makes functional designs that are intended for use, and to be admired. Her designs include many items such as napkin rings with matching wineglass charms and tablecloth weights, keyring and doorkey dangles, handbag tassels, light catchers, bookmarks, and jewellery.






"I am also currently working on interior décor items for the home and office as well as ranges for men, children and the festive season," she tells. Debi was recently commissioned to make crystal and gemstone designs for two weddings which double as décor and wedding favours for the guests.


serviette rings


"My designs are composed of crystals, gemstones, shell, coral, amber, seeds, wood, hemp, clay, glass, metals, anything natural. I do not use plastic or artificial resin, she advises with pride. "Crystals and gems are timeless, " she adds, "and are the perfect heirloom to pass down through the generations."






At the Country Craft Market on Sat 24 November, Debi demonstrated how to create matching table décor that included wineglass charms, napkin rings and tablecloth weights. "As a set, these make a truly lovely birthday, Christmas or hostess gift," she advised, "so do come along and see the process and end results."






serviette rings



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