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Mosaic Art by Julia Kaplan

10 November 2007

At the 10 November 2007 Country Craft Market, Julia Kaplan showed our visitors some of her mosaic magic, using bits of coloured glass to create decorative and artistic objects with her special stamp on them.

Julia Kaplan





with some of her

Silver Sun Mosaics







A cross





Colourful and

beautifully designed









clocks and other items





More functional

items from her







collection of crosses




Crosses seem to

be a favourite subject












big and small







Julia at work





Arranging the pieces

and gluing them to

the item being decorated








crosses in the sun

More crosses playing with the sunlight

cutting tehglass bits






While Julia keep at it








Julia's Story


sticking them down

Long before the impressionists were experimenting with dashes of colour that looked confusing from too close, but vibrantly complete when viewed from the correct distance, the art form of mosaic, using similar a technique, had been used by the ancient Greeks to create countless art treasures. These collages of bits of coloured tile that were both durable and highly decorative. Indeed, mosaic is an age old craft that has found renewed appeal in modern times.

"This art, that can appear to be quite abstract," says Julia, "is actually a very precise one that demands great care in placing each piece." She adds, "I established Silver Sun Mosaics a year-and-a-half ago," tells Julia, "and now sell my functional and quirky artworks at markets and supply various shops.

While working on cruise ships, Julia did a fair amount of travelling. She claims this gave her much insight into other cultures and their artistic styles. This experience, together with what she has seen in South Africa, has provided much of her inspiration. "I also draw my inspiration from colour itself, using it in a holistic way that can be therapeutically; good for the soul and very healing," she adds.

Julia produces a range of items including coasters, fridge magnets, clocks, crosses of various sizes and designs, mirrors, frames, key holders, pot stands, house numbers, pendants and various other decorative items. She is also happy to make items to the specific requirements of her customers.

At the Country Craft Market of 10 November, Julia demonstrated her mosaic process. She begins by drawing the design on the item she is decorating, then sticks the tiles down and applies the grouting. She says she prefers to use black grout "because I like the way that it brings out and interacts with the colours of the tiles".

"I also enjoy using colours in a way that brings out their full potential," she says. "Therefore I like to use a primary colour together with a complementary one, creating a balanced whole."



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