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Wildlife Painting by Estelle van Schalkwyk


13 October 2007

Zimbabwe has been the breeding ground for many people involved in wildlife related pursuits. Estelle is one such protégé from this beautiful land that is in such a state of trauma at present. Still, judging by Estelle's work, its influence on people is clearly strong and we must believe that it will have a better tomorrow.

At this craft market, Estelle demonstrated her use of acrylics to capture the essence of African wildlife. The Country Craft Market appreciates her willingness to take the brave step of showing brush stroke by brush stroke, just how her paintings emerge. This made a visit to the Country Craft Market, even more worthwhile.


Estelle van Schalkwyk painting



Brush in hand,

Estelle makes Zebras

appear from bare canvas








detail of painting





Faces of Africa

Colours blend to capture

the essence of Africa





taking a break

On a break ....

drawing zebra over shoulder view






of African













The power

of African Flora and Fauna





Estelle drawing

Captured by Estelle's pencils and paint

zebras drinking





Fine detail

of African Fauna









Estelle's Story


It is said (perhaps not often enough) that any good artist must fist learn to draw, and certainly this would have been echoed by the great masters of the past like Da Vinci and Picasso who left behind a wealth of sketches that show the soul of their studies and work.


Some artists find drawing sufficiently fulfilling and become great illustrators, others spend extended time with a pencil in hand, producing excellent works, but also discovering the fine details and nuances that will make them even better painters.

big five


Estelle chose this latter route and has produced a large collection of drawings that have captured in lifelike form, the fine detail of wildlife in the African bush. In her striking composite works, the animals are drawn with coloured pencils, and stand out clearly against washed backgrounds painted with watercolours.


Estelle's drawing have also been used extensively on all manner of stationary and calendars. The graphic detail of her work lends itself to the printed form.

Now Estelle has taken the step of extending her use of media and with paintbrush traded for pencil, is now producing acrylic works that add lustre to her already notable collection of artwork. It is this genre that she did her demonstration at this craft market on 13 October. She invitet all visitors to the craft market to come and look over her shoulder as she turned blank canvas into lifelike images of Africa at its best. She also had a number of her excellent pictures available at her stall.


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