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Garden Statues by Bobby Westman

8 Castillo Ixia Street Heldervue

29 September 2007

What better way was there to begin the first craft market of the season than with something completely new and quite unconventional? Bobby Westman and Malinda Bell design and produce garden statues with a very antique and mythical feel.



Beggar or


Rags or riches?












Gentle mother figures 








Taking a rest from the drudgeries of a hard day





A display of

garden statues











Malinda and







One without, and one with (a trunk)





Another of the big five







Bobby and Malinda's Story

The statues begin life as a basic shape formed with wire and covered with a layer of foil and masking tape. Then the sculpting is done with fabrics, paper, leather, and many other similar materials. These are soaked in a textile hardener that allows them to dress the forms and shape them into the magical figures that emerge from their imaginations.


Difficult to describe, but seeing is believing. So it is best that you visit them at the Country Craft Market to see and experience their garden statues and the magical process that brings them into being.




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