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Jewellery Making by Alta Vermeulen

27 January 2007

At the Country Craft Market on 27 January, Alta Vermeulen demonstrated her jewellery making and invited all visitors to the market to call at her stall and see how she assembles her RitzyRocks Jewellery designs.



Alta with some of her range

of RitzyRocks Jewellery











Alta has been making her jewellery for over a year ..

... and still enjoys the threading of every bead as it helps the design develop.









showing the tools of the trade....












Some designs








fine work, no shortcuts here...

Alta's Story

Probably some of the earliest of body adornments were beads. The early caveman jewellery-makers had to be satisfied with a limited range of natural beads until discoveries such as glass emerged. Today, technology has made it possible to produce a huge variety of beads than can be fashioned into all manner of jewellery, the limitation being only the imagination of the crafter.

Alta Vermeulen is an enthusiastic crafter who discovered this bead-wonderland and seems to have taken upon herself the challenge of converting all these beads into beautiful jewellery pieces.

Alta has been making her jewellery for over a year now. "RitzyRocks Jewellery was born in December 2005 when my sister, Isobel, gave me a present of some Indian glass beads for me to string" tells Alta. "She commented that it should keep me busy for three weeks but less than two hours later, all those beautiful beads had changed into bracelets and necklaces" she adds.

Her interest in jewellery had been ignited, and she hastened off to a local bead-shop to restock. There, she lost herself in all the different kinds of beads. "My mind started to wonder about all the designs I could create" she explains. "I spent the rest of my Christmas holiday designing bead creations and no one could distract me from my beads."

After someone requested her to make earrings and a ring, her range of jewellery began to expand, and now includes bracelets, charm bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings and watches. Alta uses rock crystals, such as rose and smoky quarts, carols, turquoises, carnelians, citrines, onyx's, Swarovski crystals, rhodium plated beads, and pearls in her designs.





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