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We are a small, family-run business committed to conscious living. I am also a qualified Therapeutic Aromatherapist and am a member of the Aromatherapy Association. Understandably, therefore, our products are therapeutic sprays based on natural oils, that enhance your living environment and offer therapeutic benefits. 


When using our Angelic Fragrances, you will experience the pleasant, subtle effects of the essential oils as they work on body, mind and spirit, connecting you to natural healing.


Our sprays contain unique and synergistic blends of 100% natural essential oils of the highest quality, in filtered water. We are proud to say that some of our oils are sourced locally, such as the Cape Fynbos oils. This gives a special South African character to our range of products.


Angelic Fragrances are hand mixed with love and care. There is no mass production so we can ensure the quality and freshness of every bottle.


Our sprays offer a natural, chemical-free therapy that gives a fragrant support to help you deal with the daily stress encountered in our busy lives. The sprays are suitable for all ages from infants to the aged. Being environmentally friendly, they can be used with peace of mind by the environmentally conscious (as we all should be).













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