How to transport the Big Five

to market?

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A long cry from

"This little pig went to market ..."

... and in this case, it seems none stayed at home...


Andrew and his crew, face a few greater challenges than most,

yet they meet these challenges in an entertaining way

and in the true spirit of marketing


We share this in acknowledgement of their ingenuity


Le Grand Arrivée

taxi arriving

So who can afford to come by Taxi to the Country Craft Market?



They seems to be having some difficulty disembarking,

so let peek inside...

look inside

difficult to ascertain what is happening ... wow!

So now we know how ...


... one fits 2 people, a collection of musicians

and a whole bunch of animals in one Taxi?

jam packed

Easy it seems, the animals and musicians just all go in the back.

Oh, but then there are only

a buffalo, a rhino, a hippo, a buck or three, a few guitarists and ...

"do you mind getting your horn out of my ear"



but all arrive safely

and spread their legs (those that have legs)

on the soft lawns - although it seems a few are overly tired from the journey

all unpacked

An intricate 3D animal puzzle ...


... indeed, pretty tough competition for the other animal puzzle crafters ...




and thank goodness for...

fare schedule

no need to count all the human, statues and animal passengers to work out the taxi fare,

now that is pretty fair



Truly a challenge well met


and always with a smile ...



and all too soon

"Home again home again jiggety jog"



Good Break for Andrew

Andrew Dombuleni was one of the artists commissioned to interpret " My Cape Town". This required Andrew to work on his creation in public at the Waterfront. His work, entitled "Argus Fever", is a life sized cyclist on a bicycle that took him 6 weeks to complete. An added bonus was the sale of his work on auction. There will be a copy of the Argus featuring a photograph of his



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