All about Approval Days

and the Appointment of New Crafters

How to Join

The Country Craft Market welcomes applications to our Market and looks forward to including new crafts into our product offering. In order to maintain a high standard, there is a selection process that applies to all crafters wishing to join the Country Craft Market.

The selection process

The Country Craft Market uses Approval Markets to assess all applicants requesting to join the Market. These Markets operate exactly the same way as the usual Country Craft Market events. They are also open to the public to give the applicants an opportunity to show their products, and how they will present them in a real trading market-environment.

Approval Day Markets and top-up Approval Markets

In order to select new crafters for the Country Craft Market, one full approval day market is held each year and, depending on demand, one or two top-up approvals will be done during the summer at our normal markets.

During the approval day, you will get the opportunity to present your craft in a full market environment open to the public.

The next full approval day market will be on 1 May 2017 at the usual venue: Southey's Vines, 186 Main Road, Somerset West (09:00 - 14:00).
Alternate date in case of rain 6 May.


New members will usually be appointed as Casual Members and their status will be reviewed as and when there is the need to supplement the Permanent Membership. Membership fees, market fees and other relevant conditions will apply according to the rules of the Association. These will be available at the time of application.


Starting February 2017, bookings may be made at the Information Table at the Country Craft Market between 9h00 and 14h00.

There is a fee that will apply and this includes your stall fee for the market on 1 May. Fee to be advised.

Please note: this is a 'handcrafts only' market - no mass produced items and no foodstuffs please. Also, no agents are allowed.

Get crafting - we look forward to meeting you and can't wait to see what you make!

When applying - please note

The Country Craft Market is a market for handcrafts. It is required that the crafters concerned sell only what they produce themselves. Therefore:

No agents or selling on behalf of other crafters is permitted

Mass produced items are not permitted

Food is provided at the market and no additional foodstuffs are permitted

Current information

The next full Approval Day Market

 is scheduled for Monday 1 May 2017, with an alternative date of Saturday 6 May (in case of rain)

The next top-up Approval Market




Take note of these conditions


An important criterion for acceptance onto our Market is that we accept only top quality handmade craftwork made and sold by the Crafter that has produced them. No agents are accepted. No selling on behalf of other crafters.


Excluding our regular catering stall, the Country Craft Market does not accept crafters selling foodstuffs



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