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Approval Day - 1 May 2009

Candid pics - Gallery 1     and other approval day markets

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traditional stories in material

Stories in picture by Richard Mahuni and Co

Traditional culture captured in appliqué



Supply the captions ...???

panel 1





Mrs Jones, you

have a lovely








panel 2





He promised me

the world but all

I do is cook and

cook and cook ...





panel 3

This one is for you to figure out for yourself



baby doll






"wazzn't me who done it....

I innocent, I got witnesses" 


Norma's ever-sweet


Kids Knits model





T shirt




'nuf said ...





Of course, the rain did make the Approval Market somewhat difficult ...


castle fantasia




... but while some hid


and their wares

in their castles

(probably wisely)





others like mother and daughter

Janice and Naomi Smart (were they?)

remained undaunted by raindrops and just worked on....

... after all "Mum", this is a lovely summer's day "back home"

rain jewels

Leaves one in wonder, ... and wondering ....

jewel leaves

... while the magical raindrops blessed the leaves



entrance garden




A garden plant supplier

beautified our entrance









flowers close up

Stemmet September brought us a "September" surprise

providing a colourful very-early-spring welcome to visitors

Seems he has family connections ...


And Zola Ndimande, the world champion ice-cream eater ...

ice cream sticks

... was present to show why she does it



lamp in the making




Its all about the sticks, and

bringing light to the world


Tough job (eating all the ice-creams that is)

but someone has to do it






Thankfully she has a twin sister to help ...

twin sisters

No, not really, just showing what a difference a smile makes ...

... brightening up a rainy day


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