Masibabane Club

Rachel Munondo


Stall 128


Beaded Jewellery and Accessories



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Phone:     021 510 5201

Fax:          021 510 8864

Cell:          071 157 8505





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I joined the world of crafters from the now very familiar route, being one of the many enterprising people who by choice or necessity, followed the road of self employed to provide for their families.


I am a Zulu, born in Mpumalanga and am empowered by my powerful and proud tribal traditions of handwork and of course bead work. About twelve years ago, I began doing beadwork as a source of income.







Then, my enterprising nature led me to Cape Town where I founded and developed the Masibabane Club. This club is a grouping of like-minded people, willing to create their own opportunities in the crafting world, and work towards improving their positions in society.











We produce beaded jewellery that is very African in design and carries the images of our traditions and environment. Necklaces and earrings are our main items but we also make a variety of other personal items to complement your particular style.








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